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  1. Sleep

    What happens when we sleep and dream, I wonder. Some how it start all over again. The peace and tranquillity I took with me to bed whirled away. As when I train tai chi chuan throughout the day, I am at the peak (of peace) in the afternoon, feeling the pressure/ present of dao, every thing is nice, chi flow and so on. Night comes with dreams and it starts all over again. Why? Any ideas? How to cultivate while dreaming.
  2. Falun Gong/ Falun dafa

    Any view's on that road ??
  3. How do you gain personality?

    who made you aware of your self?
  4. it just drains you and others
  5. What can I do to get permanently banned and erased?? You see I am not a bum or addict. Emancipate me! I am trapped by quasi Taoists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Lord of internet foolery and bit coins Pardon me! I need to see, EYES!!!!
  6. Spirits.spirits.spirits.

    many believe in spirits and gods, but don't believe in God and Jesus Christ, how come???
  7. Spirits.spirits.spirits.

    I have a PPF you can read but this is a general question. if it bothers you, just don't read it!!!!
  8. Spirits.spirits.spirits.

    thanks but I am fine.
  9. Immortals

    hihi... I meant there is A God
  10. Immortals

    Christ!!! do you mean the One. if there are spirits, then there is God.
  11. changing the world

    how fast must this change be: its mathematics population v.s sages minus death rate plus birth rate or something and we are totally in lack of a plan. leave it to God his just happy if you change.
  12. Quality of Conversation on Site

    I think its a dead end.
  13. what do you need to know?
  14. I Sense a Coming Change At This Forum

    Strange; today I had a vision I sense a coming change at this forum!
  15. Deperatly in need of good ideas!

    Why cant you edit?? You are hiding something????
  16. Deperatly in need of good ideas!

    No i wont edit
  17. Deperatly in need of good ideas!

    Ba Gua: i feel it necessary to be deleted "oh my god I feel like trapped in a fascist state" did your parents teach you this. you see in Norway we have rules, ha ha ...some left
  18. Deperatly in need of good ideas!

    I can edit all my post to bruja -ha - ha. but the owner still wants my profile it doesn't make sense who is he? Satan? I want to accomplish freedom and respect.
  19. Starting to learn Western Boxing without a coach

    dam. dam dam da. dam dam da. dam dam daaaa ...eye of the tiger
  20. Starting to learn Western Boxing without a coach

    oh I forgotten the feet, one leg in front of the other and try to dance like a ox
  21. Deperatly in need of good ideas!

    Hello, this is 2014!! Just erase my account!! I know you can. I have no interest in this. And give me a break resigning members it not a problem??? how many new members do get a day????
  22. Magick has nothing to do in Tao

    its just my way and yes I know. Why I post? Tell me? Am I not a member??
  23. Starting to learn Western Boxing without a coach

    Western boxing is just brain damage, straigt, hook, jabb, upper -cut. high guard, low guard.