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  1. Urgent serious complaint

    The PM's were really friendly, no money involved
  2. The same here. Zhan zhuang can give me a sweat after 15/20mn, depending on the posture, the breathing and the concentration points.
  3. Urgent serious complaint

    I am not Chinese, but I love their food. A friendly member sent me some info via PM so I guess I am at the verge of being hooked, right? Hopefully, being a loser helps a lot with this kind of condition, I will sooner or later resignate myself to returning to my daily zhan zhuang. When I can't have something, it's too boring clinging to it, that's why I always lose.
  4. Urgent serious complaint

    Well, this is a kind of simple, clear and short answer I will try to make the most of it... With gratitude soaring crane
  5. Urgent serious complaint

    I am sorry if it is confusing. I saw the topic title urgent serious complaint. So out of curiosity, I read the thread.. Since I am new, I feel a little intimidated to post into some 'serious' thread. Before joining I was lurking and saw all the quarrels going on. I vaguely followed the fuss about the Mopai member. Because this thread had a joking flavor, I thought it would be a easy way for me to dive into the TTBs discussions Now, my questions were genuine. I know next to nothing about Mopai and since it seems to be such a system, I wanted to have a clear, short, simple answer because I like a lot the KISS principle. That's all, and it is not so important. I lived without knowing Mopai until I found TTBs, and I bet I can live the rest of my life without knowing more about it. Am I OK?
  6. Urgent serious complaint

    I admit my laziness and I was hoping someone could answer my question with a one line statement.
  7. Urgent serious complaint

    Hi, I beg your pardon but what is exactly Mopai ? I understand that a guy is able to light a bulb with some body part but what for in the end ? Thanks
  8. hello

    Thank you, Chang, for your kind welcoming message. Please, have a nice day!
  9. hello

    Hello, I'm glad to be here. I'm interested in spirituality and energetic practices. I've been lurking for some time and although there seems to be some useless bickerings going on regularly, I've decided to join. I'll do my best to survive Thanks Bar