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    Greeting n salutations! To be honest, after 170+ members, I'd be pretty jazzed if anyone actually read this. But hello! It's been nice reading you all. So. About me? Me. Me. Me. Me. Been a long time Taoist of little to no affiliation with anything. I particularly like the Complete Reality School, Chan Buddhism and White Lotus Tien Tao (but not the evil "muahaha" ones from the movies). My favourite quote is Mencius "The problem with people os that they're too quick to assume the role of teacher". I particularly like it because I am, in fact, a teacher. For martial arts, I've been practising Yang Taichi for... 5..? Years, SanFeng Taichi for 1, Wudang Swordsmanship for 1 and a bit. I'm here to pick everyone's brains and hopefully leave a pithy and poignant comment or observation every now and then. Please feel free to shoot me a PM about anything- they make me feel special. Talk soon! -rw