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  1. Receving a Taoist name and initiation.

    Just a question.
  2. What does anyone know about receving a taoist name and being initiated?
  3. Take it easy, stop cultivating, start sweating everyday and start drinking he shou wu. sounds kind of lame but it really helped me when it happened to me. now a year latter i am doing well. after a while you can start doing some energy work. I feel for you brother it is a hard time and it takes a lot to pull yourself out of it. It takes sincerity to enter it, silence to guard it and gentleness to use it
  4. the one at the Chinese cultural center is janke
  5. Beijing Acupuncture 4242 W Dunlap Ave Phoenix, AZ 85051
  6. List of Taoist Sects in the U.S

    Stuart Olson lives in phoenix now. sanctuaryof dao.org. Stuart is a good friend of mine.
  7. Kai Guang

    Thank you sir. What do you think about it? Do you think you need to do a ritual to give offering to a deity?
  8. Kai Guang

    Does anyone have any information on Kai Guang?
  9. the heavenly of Nines’s Original Response to the sound of Thunder of the universal Transformation of the Heavenly Worthy’s jade pivot Treasury Scripture. At the time during the heaven of nines original response the the sound of thunder of the universal transformation, the heavenly worthy was dwelling within the heaven of jade purity with all the supreme rulers of the ten directions. The heavenly worthy spoke:”All of you spiritual people who wish to hear about the perfect Dao, the perfect Dao is profound and obscure, and is non-existent of a self and others. "All of you wish to hear about it, you cannot hear it because it eludes the hearing . I has to be perceived, then it is the true Dao,but even this expanded perception also perishes, because this is only you and nothing more. "There is still much you do not have, and how much more is there to this Dao?you can not hear it with you hearing so what can be said about this Dao?" The Heavenly Worthy spoke:"It takes sincerity to enter into the Dao. it takes silence to guard it it takes gentleness to use it. the use of sincerity appears to be ignorance. The use of silence appear to be cautious speech.The use of gentleness appears unskillful. "when being gentle, sincere, and silent, you may forget you bodily forum you may forget your own self. you may forget that you are forgetting . "Those who enter the Dao know when to rest. those who guard the Dao know how to be diligent. Those who use the Dao know the supple. "When able to use the supple, wisdom light comes forth. when able to know diligence ,sagely wisdom become complete.When able to know rest, great tranquility results. " when there is tranquility ,sagely wisdom is complete. when sagely wisdom is complete, the wisdom light comes forth. when wisdom light comes forth there is then oneness with the Dao. This is call ‘True forgetting’ "This is a forgetting that dose not forget- a forgetting of what cannot be forgotten. what can not be forgotten is the perfect Dao. "The Dao dwells in heaven and earth but heaven and earth have no awareness of it. Whether there is awareness of it or no awareness ,it is always just ‘one’and not two." The Heavenly worthy spoke:”while i a in this world, what should be done to benefit life?For the good of all spiritual people I practice this wonderful treasure. those who awaken to it and acquire it will be allowed to ascend and sit with the immortals. "Student who study the Dao believe in the influences of Qi and fate. But as climates change so also differ the natural endowments of people. Therefore , they speak of these differences as being caused by Qi. "Wisdom and ignorance are not the same. being clear and turbid, they are naturally different .Therefore they speak of these differences as being cased by fate. " fate is bound by destiny ,as Qi is supported by heaven. The limit’s put on Qi and fate are the manacle decreed by heaven, and so the true Dao cannot be obtained. " Yet the ignorant my become wise, and the turbid my become clear. If only there be decree of destiny. "ignorance is darkness and turbidity is obscurity, and from these come the influences of climate and endowments. "When heaven and earth express the root power, and used with out the knowledge of man, they say this is the result af the ‘naturally- just- so’. "if it it used with there knowledge, but lack of understanding , they still say this is the result of the ‘naturally-just so’. " the mystery of the ‘naturally-just -so is more profound the knowledge.but how it comes into effect is a mystery, as it is a result of no-knowledge. "But as to the Dao, it does not originate from what bring about the existence of ignorance and delusion. "may all spiritual people hear the [scripture] and my all being in all quarters rejoice." end of the Heavenly worthy’s jade pivot Treasury scripture
  10. have a great Friday everybody

    Its Friday hope everyone has a safe good weekend
  11. QI GONG: What is Possessed by the Devil?

    I was sitting and i felt a bubble come up from my wa lu point ll the way up to my heart then is hung out there for a bit then mover up to my head and there was so much pressure in my head. After all that it was chill tell i started seeing spirits in people. i was not happy with them in the people knew needless to say i started trippin. all though during i did feel like there was some thing trying to help me out.
  12. QI GONG: What is Possessed by the Devil?

    I definitely learned a great deal about myself and on one side am glad i had it. At first there was such clam and void.
  13. QI GONG: What is Possessed by the Devil?

    did you look it up? for me it was scary and not cool.
  14. QI GONG: What is Possessed by the Devil?

    they also cll it kundulini syndrome.
  15. QI GONG: What is Possessed by the Devil?

    I guess its all up to you. i particularly dont want to be possessed by anything or anyone.