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  1. Hi

    The MCO was the one thing that does work. With the cosmic sounds I was doing the sound, the colour, the organ and the smiling but instead of experiencing the virtues I was getting the negative emotions associated with the organs. It was almost as if I was conjuring up the circumstances to experience e.g. righteousness or courage but I was too inflexible to change my responses. Perhaps it's not even anything magical but it just seems that way in retrospect. Like I was issuing challenges to the Universe to experience these virtues. The only thing I'm sure of at the moment was that the practice, like with the sexual exercises, had the opposite effect, yielded only the negative emotions(depression, anxiety, anger, heartache, worry). Can you overdo something like cosmic sounds, can you smile too much to the organs?It just doesn't make sense that by putting too much 'smiling energy' into the organs would make you experience the negative emotions of the organs. I know the practice has definitely done something, and it's also true that stopping the practice has stopped the continuous negative thoughts/emotions. I've also stopped the testicle breathing/-massage/spine breathing. When my emotions are stable again I'll start the cosmic sounds again and see if it has to do with the intensity of the smiles, if so there's almost a magical realm that's opened up, especially if the sounds actually 'program' the Universe to present opportunities to act in a certain virtuous manner. But still I don't really feel like getting challenged, I don't exactly want to be virtuous, I just want to get rid of the negative emotions. And I know, that displaying a virtue might eliminate a negative emotion, it's just I'm too inflexible so if that's the requirement and if you don't you get punished with the negative emotion, then this cosmic sound is nothing for me. But the way Mantak Chia explained it, you would make the lung sound with the smiling etc if you were depressed. He didn't say you had to show courage or righteousness before the negative emotion went away or getting punished with the extreme negative emotion if you didn't change. Anyway I don't like the idea of issuing a challenge to experience equanimity and being rewarded with hearing I've only got a few more months to live. And a lot of the virtues you had to visualise feeling when doing the sound I don't even know what that feels like. It's like the John Lennon song: How can I give love when I don't know what it is I'm giving. Whereas the negative emotions, now that's something I can imagine.... I wonder if the sounds work without the virtues?or if maybe these sounds are a kind of 'carrierwave' Man, it's good to be stoned again:)
  2. What's the truth about the pc muscle?

    So you are successful using the pc muscle in stopping the ejaculatory response? Maybe it was just a coincidence that my experience with premature ejaculation started when I learnt about the pc muscle. But even now, when I don't use the pc muscle I last much longer, coz using it actually makes me ejaculate!!!even reverse pc works better than pc contraction. But possibly I have other issues and the same would have happened regardless...anyway I'll be going to a doctor soon to get myself checked out
  3. Is Testicle Breathing dangerous?

    Or out of nothing comes everything and by giving we receive
  4. Is Testicle Breathing dangerous?

    It did open up my crown chakra and 3rd eye and between brow point. Because I was doing the cosmic sounds meditation as well I'm not sure yet what was causing the damage. I think I'll stick to my own version of MCO and follow my own instincts over some venerated teacher or immortal. Looking at the divers range of opinions on this forum I guess it hardens me in my resolve to just stick to what feels good and to perfect what works. And as Nietzsche said:"the only Christian died on the cross", even in the unlikely case that a Tao sage has become immortal, we're all different, what possibly(with a leap of faith) worked for him
  5. Is Testicle Breathing dangerous?

    I thought depression originated in the lungs? That's the other possibilty that the depression was caused by doing the cosmic sounds. I've been experiencing the opposite of what I was trying to achieve with that as well
  6. Debunking a Creator

    Up above so below, everything is a fractal, small and infinitely large in time and space. So in a sense there is a God as we are ourselves Gods over the microcosm of our body and similarly it's a chicken-egg-story(who created the parents?)or a circle instead of a straight line with beginning and end points. God's consciousness pervades the Universe like our consciousness pervades our body. Life and death is analogous to wake and sleep again a fractal spanning a life instead of a day. To refreshen the soul instead of the body
  7. Hi

    I see what you mean with hit and miss. The MCO worked great from the start, but cultivating chi or prana isn't exclusively Chia nor is it exclusively Tao. Perhaps my mistake has been to accept(to the point of gullibility or even trust)his other stuff coz the MCO worked. For example I tried the cosmic sounds and noticed(like the pc muscle)that it brought on the opposite effect of what I was trying for. So if I was doing the lung sound for courage and righteousness I was getting sadness and depression, the kidney sound for calmness,alertness and wisdom. I was being everything apart from calm, alert(scatterbrained)and wise and again was getting the opposite> anxiety. I'm not quite sure now if I was asking the Universe to present me opportunities where I could display these virtues, and in so doing showing me how inflexible my behaviour is and punishing me with the negative side of the organs energy by not being courageous, calm etc. Or if I'm actually programming my subconscious with the opposite by visualising these sounds, colours and affirmation- like virtues??? Or possibly it's because I'm asking the Universe to endow me with this type of behaviour while the rule is give to receive? Anyway I think you're right, from now on I'll avoid Chia like the plague and hope the effort(many, many hours) I've put into it already hasn't been detrimental to my health and mental faculties http://thetaobums.com/topic/25528-testicle-breathing-mco/?hl=%2Btesticle+%2Bbreathing And perhaps it's not just Chia that uses MCO as basis for belief? Other Taoists use scaremongering in the way that the religuous try to scare (non)believers into doing/believing certain things. And Tao like religion holds up certain benefits, things like rejuvenation, immortality, and super abilities to entice people to practice Tao. I'm starting to think it's all one big scam. And perhaps worse than just a scam
  8. I've been doing Testicle Breathing in combination with the MicroCosmic Orbit for the past few weeks. I'm already proficient with the MCO and I liked the idea of adding a different type of chi to my practice. I was able to get the cool sperm energy the very first day and the strange thick cold energy up the back, down the front again. But I've been feeling depressed and scatterbrained the past while as well and it does seem to coincide with the practice. The cool energy I get is exactly as was explained in Chia's book, but the other effects like expanded consciousness, wisdom etc definitely not. I like the effect when I'm doing the meditation but not the side effects. Chia wrote not to rush it coz the brain isn't a good storage place for hot chi. The Chi I put there however is cool and I bring it back down again. Can anyone tell me who has experience with this practice if the side effects I've been having is just a short term thing that eventually passes? or what effects I should be experiencing
  9. Hi

    @Chang: Thanks! @OldChi: Could you be more specific? Do you mean the techniques are proper Taoist techniques but novices shouldn't attempt it yet, or do you mean he's teaching wrong techniques and possibly has a sinister agenda?
  10. My introduction to the pubococcygeus started when I'd downloaded some selfhelp books and one of them about lasting longer in bed caught my eye, I never really had problems with premature ejaculation until that time but the notion of being able to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating was too enticing to resist. At the time I didn't have a gf nor did I masturbate very much. When I got a gf about half a year later. I was trying it, but instead of making me last longer I was actually ejaculating much quicker, also I was starting to get problems with leakage. At the time I thought nothing of it. Practice makes perfect I probably wasn't getting enough practice and I didn't masturbate so that was different from before as well. And it wasn't just one book that sold me on the pc muscle and the benefits of training and using it. It's like the whole internet more or less agrees how good it is to exercise it, even Mantak Chia, the writer that introduced me to the Tao is full of praise about it and I read about it again in the Multiorgasmic man, needless to say I soon gave up on the pc muscle route to multiorgasmic ability. When I later discovered the Aneros I rarely used the pc muscle coz it made me want to pee too much, the anal muscles worked better and that's what finally brought me the fabeled Super O and my first experience with my multi orgasmic potential. I downloaded Mantak Chia's Complete Taoist Studies but apart from the multicosmic orbit I had little faith in stuff like cosmic sounds. After I'd had a few psychedelic experiences and the strange synchronicities I experienced after it and became familiar with Graham Hancock's work on ancient civilisations I decided to take a 'leap of faith' and expanded my Tao routine to include cosmic sounds & sperm breathing. Also I started exercising my pc muscle again coz Mantak Chia placed such a heavy emphasis on it. Recently when I was browsing this forum I stumbled on Dr Lin and, at least as far as the pc muscle is concerned, what he wrote was completely congruous with my experience. The anal breathing corresponded accurately with what I was doing with the Aneros (and once I achieved the Super O my body was trained to have multiple penile orgasms without ejaculating while using my fleshlight.) And what makes things worse is that apart from what he writes about the pc muscle, he makes some outrageous claims(like marijuana shrinking your testicles and penis). So I'd like some views from other Tao practitioners on the pc muscle is it good as most 'authorities' on the subject seem to think or does it actually cause premature ejaculation, leakage and even infections? And if so are there dangers to other practises like Sperm breathing and the Cosmic sounds?
  11. Hi

    A while back I downloaded Mantak Chia's Taoist studies torrent with books and videos. After some psychedelic experiences and getting familiar with Graham Hancock's work some of the stuff Chia wrote about that I dismissed before I've begun to explore further. And while the microcosmic orbit made me a believer, his emphasis on pc muscle strength for multiple orgasms which actually(for me at least) leads to premature ejaculation makes me wonder about some of the other stuff Chia wrote about. I've come to Taobums to find out from people more knowledgeable than I am if my rigorous training routine and meditation based on his writings is perhaps doing more harm than good. At first I thougt with the pc muscle I was maybe doing it wrong coz Chia isn't the only one claiming to bypass ejaculation using it, but on this site I came across Dr Lin and his anal breathing(tailbone) and it made sense coz I was inadvertently using these muscles after a Super O using the Aneros and when I worked out on the Fleshlight after that I was having no trouble at all with premature ejaculation, coz the Aneros trained me while in Super O mode to use the right muscles. At the moment I'm doing things like Male Deer exercise, sperm breathing, testicle massage and cosmic sounds and I've been doing the microcosmic orbit on and off for about 3/4 years, but just this last year disciplined and daily