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    hi i came across this site on a zen tao search. i have engaged meditation and chi movements for many decades. i do not follow anything, anyone or any doctrine in my spiritual walk. i also, for reasons of integrity, do not believe in leadership or master/subordinate hierarchies. if it's reasonable, it's reasonable - if not, it's bullshit designed to feather the nest of someone's vanity or ego. i refer to myself as zen taoist, partly because i don't fit a specific category, but more so because those are the two affiliate practices i have the most substantial relationship with through my life thus far. also, i embrace a married practice, born of two established practices, in the vein of what i regard as dialectic spiritualism. i have a lot of interests - mathematics, environmental sustainability, theology, philosophy, quantum physics (mainly in the rich cast of characters and some of the illuminating aspects of its historical development), gardening, geology, ornithology; and a lot of activities i engage in, including rock climbing, mountaineering, x-country skiing, running, longboard skateboarding, freeline skating, land paddling, hiking, fixed-gear cycling, snowshoeing, and general nature exploration. i'm bipolar which is regarded as a form of illness. i'm not sure i would characterize it that way, but i'm okay with whatever. i am interested in dialogue with others, sharing thoughts on our various personal paths of inquiry. i have absolutely no interest in established tradition, doctrine or classical underpinnings of personal practices, but enjoy frank discussions with civil peers. i don't get into online critiquing, bullying or pushiness. i am gentle and compassionate, and receive the same from others or i leave the room. hope to become a regular visitor. Sirius Li