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  1. Greetings to All!

    I have found this Forum numerous times as a consequence of various online searches for various topics, mostly related to internal martial arts I have also learned some interesting things, been directed to some informative sites, books, etc., so I finally decided to join! I have felt myself to be a Daoist since a college freshman (and that's going back a way) without much further action along those lines. I have always been rather expert at inactivity I suppose I am still somewhat flumoxed by the contradiction of considering myself to be something which I don't believe can be understood I guess I love uncertainty, paradox and, mostly, humor - mundane, cosmic, whatever! I have studied Tai Chi for awhile, almost exclusively Yang style in various flavors and have lately put my belief in the importance of standing (Zhan Zhuang) into practice. The pain of discipline is beginning to evaporate into the joy of being Anyway, I am quite glad to be here officially so when I lurk I can do so while logged on! Hope to learn lots and have much fun here Best to all