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  1. @Bagua: You were absolutely right -- I looked up qi sinking, tried the technique that was shown (I had to do it a number of times), and it actually worked! It got the extra energy out of my head, my memory is back to what it was before, and I no longer have that 'singed' feeling. Thank you so much! @SonofTheGods: You're completely right about me needing to sink and ground more. I am now feeling so much better. I would like to try the technique you suggested about sitting under a big trunk tree, that sounds very powerful and helpful. :-) Thank you for reassuring me. @Friend: I thank you for your detailed response, I am, unfortunately, not sensitive to scanning. I love your suggestions for relaxing with the warm tea. and observing the surroundings -- sounds very soothing! I definitely will be more careful next time not to invite too much energy (at the time, I thought i was doing something good). I had actually asked a number of teachers and professionals, and no one was able to provide any help. I am thankful to have been advised correctly here at the forum. I appreciate everyone who responded, your wisdom, kind words and reassurance. I hope you are all doing very well.
  2. Thank you for responding. @Turtle shell: I will look into the Brahmi supplement, but may not be able to take it now, due to taking other medications currently. I am trying to consult with different acupuncturists, so far no one has heard of this happening. @Bagua: the Twin Heart meditation has a 10 minute guided grounding exercise, which I have done before and after the meditation. It's been a week, and things, memory-wise, have not improved..
  3. Hello everyone, In Mantak Chia's book, Wisdom Chi Kung, it says that performing a powerful meditation incorrectly can cause brain damage. I recently performed the Twin Hearts meditation With Chakral Healing for Psychological Health by Master Choa Kok Sui. I have been doing this for 2 months, but when I recently performed it, I Smiled while meditating. The energy felt powerful, and my back would arch all the way. When I was done I felt over-energized, and so I released some of the excess energy through my hands. Unfortunately, I think I have damaged my brain because my short term memory seems to not work as well as it did before, and i feel like the inside of my head is 'singed' (the best way I can describe it). Is there anything that can be done to reverse this and restore my memory? I have taken a level 1 Pranic Healing course, and Pranic Psychotherapy. Thank you, chiLLi
  4. Hello everyone.

    I am new to energy healing, and have only taken two courses in Pranic Healing, I'm finding it useful and helpful, and am interested in learning other forms. I'm looking forward to being involved in the conversations here, and in learning with others. -- chiLLi