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  1. Replenishing Yuanqi

    Thanks for sharing your opinion though it's not the stance from Daoist point of view.. and seems to make Daoism approach devoid of self cultivation.
  2. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong Btw, I said "the story about him has no practical sense in Alchemy" Meaning the folklore stories in the 8 immortals, which are clearly not factual events. It may be based on real person who existed once in history, but does not mean all tales including his name are factual.... what are you arguing for? Btw it's a bit off topic now. Better to open a new thread about "8 immortals" if you wanted to continue.
  3. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    Can you provide source about when these schools were formed? As far as I see it, and not just talking about Daosim.. religion seems to be degradation of Spiritual practices, and losing the original purpose, focused all on ritual and or worship. Thanks for Ge Hong source, I'll check it when I have time.
  4. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    Any proof about it? Or just based on paintings from artists imagination?
  5. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    Really? Locgical fallacy.. I can write story about Ormus with all beautiful tales and fantasies, but are they factual or just tales... I said the stories of 8 immortals are folklore. Not that Ludongbin and others never existed.
  6. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    A few things.. Iron Crutch Li is folklore and the story about him has no practical sense in Alchemy - ie it's a fairytale. 8 immortals stories are just fairytales.. of course they can contain some basic lessons and some essence of Daoism, but it's nothing to go by for talking about Alchemy in a serious scientific way. About Ge Hong, do you have any links to translations of these texts, or any excerpts you can share? About Laozi, they're not photo's by the way, they are paintings, and only the artists interpretation. I've asked about this long ago to Teacher(s) of mine and have been told it's basically because of people's misconceptions and lack of understanding / lack of deep connection to the Tradition. And not just this but it could be a thing of respect to the name "old Master" etc. Also, referring to him as Tai Shang Lao Jun, is connecting to religious Daoism which was formed later and has not much in common with Neidan (Traditional Daoism) as I understand.
  7. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    Hi Ormus, see below in bold:
  8. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    #1 The signs on this man's face shows nothing similar of what a genuine Master who has achieved any decent level in Daoist cultivation. #2 I am not a WLP member, you're mistaken. #3 I don't have skepticism, I know the persons real name. Here is the name: 普光 (普光老和) (sorry to spoil the fantasy's of it being Liuhuayang )
  9. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    It's google images. I'll get a link for you shortly. What about wlp members..?
  10. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    This is all common post heaven things...
  11. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    It's not liuhuayang.... lol. The site is bs. Obviously.
  12. Ming Stages/Replenishing Yuan Qi/Ming Gong

    Photo's of Liuhuayang, you honestly believe this is photo of Liuhuayang?〈=0&show_case=
  13. Replenishing Yuanqi

    It's not my website. I was a previous student of him, yes. But quite sometime ago. Typing then stopped? Not sure what you are talking about
  14. Replenishing Yuanqi

    It's your fate not mine. I'm not here to prove you anything. If you want to study Daoism you will check such sources and gain something useful, grow your knowledge and so on. If not, then it seems you're just interested in useless arguments and internet trolling.. You obviously don't want to learn anything by your tone. Obscure source, right... lol.
  15. Replenishing Yuanqi

    Who said anything about a bad person? Your misinterpretation of what does De mean.. I guess. We all have things to work through, develop, improve and so on, some more than others, it's nothing about good or bad.
  16. Replenishing Yuanqi

    You can check Huangdi Neijing, and Yijing to under how does this work. It's you who is demonstrating lack of understanding.. Firstly you can look at how does the human grow from child to teenager, what changes in physiology happen, why they happen, at which point is the height of Yang reached, and when does this Yang start to decline, and why.
  17. Replenishing Yuanqi

    There are more than tales that exist, reserved for people within Daoists circles. Obviously you're not in such circles and so you have narrow point of view because of your lack of opportunities, lack of De, dirt in heart, blocks, and so on. Just because you didn't have such a chance, does not mean that you can claim someone is lying. But you're right, Xians are generally not walking around amongst society, they cultivated years to be able to finally leave it and have no reliance on it. Last thing, goal is not about preserving body, it's _a stage_ in the process of transformation from human to Xian. Later, even for immortals..the body is transformed or "discarded" in final stages.
  18. You knew Longmenpai is ancestor of Wuliupai, right?
  19. Building a foundation part 2: "Huo Zi Shi"

    You mentioned "meditation", which words in Chinese do you mean here? (That can be checked in classics about Neidan).
  20. Replenishing Yuanqi

    My opinions: Yes Yes, nothing is free (everything costs Yuanqi, as in every human activity). The bigger the task, the more Yuanqi is spent.. so to speak. As I understand, TCM can replenish and/or tonify houtian (post-heaven) Qi only. Yuanqi cannot be replenished by TCM / Qigong or any other post-heaven methods. Though, Qigong and TCM (good health) can reduce the spending of Yuanqi (sick body spends more Yuanqi). What is being tonified by such tonics would be houtian Yangqi, not Yuanqi. Yuanqi can be replenished, but it cannot be understood by ordinary man, it's why classics stress the need for a True Teacher to guide student through the process, stage by stage.
  21. Replenishing Yuanqi

    Nice video about houtian energies. Thanks.
  22. Replenishing Yuanqi

    You can get further clarification here about Qigong vs Alchemy:
  23. Replenishing Yuanqi

    If you have not read these, I recommend to:
  24. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    A Yin spirit releases after death. Death occurs because of depletion of Yang (specifically Yuanqi, Yuanjing). So there cannot be any fantasies of Yangshen / becoming Xian and so on after death. Agree, Yin spirit remaining after death is definitely popular in Buddhism. But even then, many people didn't even achieve achieve such things like "astral travel" etc, but they think they have. Travelling in their fantasies.