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  1. Transfer of Chi

    I've met two people one from Bagua and one Wing Chun who claimed that's how they are tuned by thier teacher. Are you on face book also we might be grinds there as well, I'm friends with a lot of Sigung Tin's lineage.
  2. Transfer of Chi

    I've met people with bruses on thier arms that claim that is how thier instructors transfer chi to open up the students chi, any thoughts?
  3. Greetings

    Hello, My name is Jim I live in Illinois and have been interested in Taoism, Eastern Philosophy, Internal Martial arts for as long as i can remember. I've been involved in Wing Chun the longest, and felt there were a lot of internal aspects not being addressed, this brought me to Chu Shong Tin's lineage where he focuses strongly on relaxation, joint rotation, and structure. The only problem wit this is there is none from his lineage in the States, that I know of, especially in Illinois. I trained in Hong Kong for a month under his lineage and was amazed at the power that was produced form this lineage. I also meditated years ago and am interested in all the aspects of Eastern Philosophy. Thanks, Jim