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  1. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    As I understand Vitalii again caught lying
  2. Best Neigong Teachers

    I think that any teacher can't be best for each person
  3. 100 Day Gong completion

    from my experience retention first of all gives extra high sensitivity
  4. 100 Day Gong completion

    did you had such experience?

    Taomeow, how do you think is jing directly connected with sexual function?
  6. 100 Day Gong completion

    From my experience energy leaks just little less if you have sexual contacts. After some period it find the way to run out. Do you have unusual feelings?

    Very interesting! I read somewhere that sweets are bad for spleen - so them affect Jing
  8. The teaching of Quanzhen

    Vitalii did you tried to translate some texts by yourself?
  9. The teaching of Quanzhen

    To get rid and do not be indulged it's not the same
  10. I think it should be explained by your master. But of course you need to think about this diagram and try to find your own explanation. Than you may ask your master.
  11. Chakra meditation and mo pai

    Good karma or bad karma - all this a karma. It caused reborn. It is about healing and selfish actions.
  12. not everybody can discuss that. But as I now understand, meaning of Nei Jing Tu can be investigated throw practice.
  13. Chakra meditation and mo pai

    As I remember one person from C. Danaos book have to do same things because of killing a lot of people. But, of course I am didn't told that seriously
  14. I think you should look at 内經圖 and 修真圖, but without explaination it is just nice mistirious pictures.