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  1. Hello, glad to be here.

    Greetings. I am Curt Wilson, age 44 from the MIdwest USA and am happy to have found this forum. I have been vaguely aware of Taoist material such as the microcosmic orbit for some years but have only in the last few months become interested enough to start trying to find real teachings of value that are safe and meaningful. I've come across the obvious, and easy to find materials from Mantak Chia and Michael Winn, have ordered some training materials and have been carefully practicing some of the *basic* things such as the inner smile, six healing sounds and some self massage. I'm well aware of the controversy surrounding a variety of Taoist teachers, having read for hours on this forum including a very long, multi-year thread here about the John Chan video where a variety of people shared their opinions and experience with a variety of systems. My background started with "new age" type material back in the late 80's / early 90's which led to a tantric/kundalini yoga system which I was initiated into and practiced for some years with results. I left that path for various reasons and studied with an esoteric shaman for some time and experienced some very interesting things that suggested to me that the universe and our human experience is deep and there is a lot more than what meets the eye this includes the experience of things that some might call "powers" and I have learned that such elements can be put into service for good reasons or they can be used to further strengthen the ego and lead to power trips. Somewhere in here I also studied Reiki, and became a "Reiki Master" through a mix of systems. This felt like the tip of something larger, and seemed helpful, but I apparently was not as grounded as necessary because I'd work on someones hurt shoulder, and would seem to take the issue into my own body. Nonetheless, I learned that our capability to help heal ourselves and others is within our reach but one must be careful. I also read a lot of other material such as the work from Barbara Brennan in the process which I found fascinating. As a result of some foolishness and taking certain practices too far without proper guidance, I ended up becoming somewhat imbalanced over the long term. As a result of some less skillful choices in life, I went through a dark period which led to a search for help, and this longing lead to studies with a spiritual teacher that I stayed with for about 15 years. I left that teacher and path because I saw things develop there that did not seem to be in alignment with my true values, despite having gained a lot of benefit in the beginning. Teachers are human beings too, and they are not perfect. Respect is appropriate, but people should stop trying to put those teachers on a pedestal and deny their inner truth. Learning to discern and follow the inner truth seems to be the challenge Following through with inner guidance, I spent some time studying the teachings expressed through Pema Chodron and found a lot of value there. But recently, the work of Mantak Chia and Michael Winn has come to my attention, and in the absence of some Chinese dude with a long white beard who is 200 years old who can fly through the treetops and walk through walls (an attempt a humor - but also a nod to the idea that powers alone without spiritual development focused in love aren't my path), I will take the material that I am called to and practice carefully what has come in response to my sincere quest. I'm well aware of the issues with the sexual practices that can cause stagnant heat and also some of the iron shirt issues. I have not practiced either of these, and will not do so without proper guidance which I hope to find at some point if it happens to right for my unfolding and service to the world. Despite any flaws that may exist in any of these particular Taoist systems that I have come across, I have found personal benefit with the small number of exercises I've deployed, about an hour per day or so. I'm aware of some chi imbalances and strive to correct these through careful practice and acupuncture/herbal treatments. I'm also a musician and work in the field of computer security as a profession. while the computer stuff is interesting, I do have visions of doing something more meaningful with my life, such as finding my way back into doing healing work with people when the time is right. This Taoist material seems to be connected to this sense of purpose I have within. Peace and blessings to all, and I'm thankful to be here among other sincere people. May you be well and may you be in the flow. Curt Wilson