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  1. Gday

    I came across by accident , I asked my TCM Practioner if he knew of a good QiGong class and was directed to my teacher. The question is - was it coincidence or meant to be? I have heard -` when the student is ready the teacher appears`. It has taken a while - starting at 42yo - but i had been looking for a martial arts teacher for 2 years prior to that, but nothing felt `right` . An off shoot of watching too many kung fu movies
  2. Gday

    Thanks I didn`t really introduce myself in the first post. I have been learning Liang Style Bagua for the last 14-15 months , I am enjoying greatly and it has opened up a great new world to me. It has helped greatly with my health and welbeing and the internal aspects I try to cultivate as much as possible. I am a kung-fu movie tragic as well I also enjoy reading the Tao Te Ching, it gives me insight , comfort and calmness everytime I read it . Thanks for the welcome
  3. Gday

    HI I have been reading the forum for a while now and decided to join. Thanks