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  1. My supernatural events

    Thankyou for the replies, I will take all of your advice. I look forward to our future!
  2. My supernatural events

    Awesome thank you, and I hope we get some miracles stirred up in here soon. I can post videos here? I'm getting my laptop fixed but I do have a video or two on there that I'd like to use, including an instructional on an energy-storage exercise I wrote and a demonstration of etherkinesis.
  3. My supernatural events

    My name is Andrew Emiliozzi. I am looking for energy workers with experience that are willing to do distant energy work for divine love. My mission, to save mother nature. Perks, instantaneous evolution. So here's some of my story to keep things interesting and to give you a hint on what I and people close to me have been through. One day I made contact with what I would describe as the voice of nature, it is a consciousness both separate and conjoined from that of human and the other vast species of all matter, it is divine in nature, but it is not God-so to speak. After I made contact with this entity, I pleaded for a way to end all suffering, to stop mankind from destroying nature, from polluting, from abusing, and to change all destructive behavior in all forms of life and death, and to replace it with a form of infinite and eternal - instantaneous and divine form of evolution/ascension. The voice of nature then plugged me into its subconscious mind, and I down loaded information that gave me what anyone else would consider to be super powers. I could then do things like read minds, plant information, I was one with all life, all forms of weather telekinesis, I can generate jet engines of air, I can travel through time, I can travel outside of my body in infinite ways, I can travel to other dimensions and root energy from there and create new energetic exchanges of information, I slowed down and sped up clocks(digital and analog) the first time I tried it. I can go to a waterfall, and teleport its water to another dimension and shift its frequencies- stopping the waterfall, creating either an earthquake-like effect, or stop it and create a high pitched wind-like effect, or increase the flow of water with the same or both effects of earthquake-like or jet engine-air-like effect. You know the earthquake in Japan? I knew about it 2 weeks before it happened. If we meet one day, I'll tell you why some of it really happened- if its appropriate of course. I also empathed injuries from friends and families, I cured/assisted in healing through supernatural events - things like paralysis, malignant tumors, dementia, hernias, etc. I can project cold and hot energy. I used to smoke cigarettes and I would create tornados with the smoke after doing energy work, small scale of course, but it's definitely quite the understatement to call it a supernatural event. I can also connect to any device that emits sound or frequency and demonstrate how I can become one with it by either singing along with it and shifting the frequencies and remaining in sync/frequency with it, creating louder and quiet accents, I have a video of me doing it with a vacuum cleaner, and I've demonstrated it many many many many times, thousands of times. I can psychically project my voice, I've done it many times by accident. I can become one with someone's heart beat, where lets say I'm touching your ankle, your heart beat will appear as though it has moved to be with my hand, and suddenly our heart beats will become in sync instantaneously, and the heart will pump from our touching/nearly touching body parts to generate divine love energy, and they will transcend into other forms of matter that will ascend into higher forms of matter in beautiful displays and feelings and sounds and senses outside of perception. Also, one of my favorite, cosmic demonstrations, I can take people to divine dimensions. And I can project entire stars, and I can do amazing lightening demonstrations, I'll pick a spot, and use the universe as a microphone, I'll record a sound, and then I'll lay it down, and then I'll watch it happen, and this one time, I wasn't really even doing anything, but I knew something amazing was going to happen, I kept staring at this one spot in the sky, patiently waiting for something to happen, then all of a sudden, about four points of branch-like pink and purple lightening intersected from inside and outside a box like pattern of intersecting points like it was using an advance formula that travelled in all directions, and over the course of about 5 seconds, it somehow created something that would baffle anyone. It created a PERFECT 12 sided diamond merkaba, the lightening stayed in the sky for several several several seconds, and formed an actual 12 sided diamond merkaba, the lightening stayed in perfect form for about 30 seconds before it dessapated, but get this, WHEN IT LEFT, IT BURNED THE SHAPE OF THE DIAMOND MERKABA INTO THE CLOUDS WHERE IT STAYED FOR HOURS. However it was too dark to film. This one time I met the mothman, the one that all these people think is an evil entity, which they are wrong, it is a divine and sensitive being. This one time I invited a baby mosquito to feed off me, and when it left, the bite left the perfect shape of a heart, I showed all my friends and I took a picture of it on my phone. I can communicate psychically with all animals. I know how we can all ascend. I know how we can live without eating or drinking. I can be a very resourceful being. And I have many stories, however I would much rather create new experiences and to do what I came here to do. Blessings.