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  1. 3 questions 1.) Is it common to not be able to read during projection? 2.) If I was not in the astral plane when I got hurt where was I? I almost died from it. 3.) Bad Spirits is right I have had night terrors about being in pit fights against demons since I was 2 years old and I never realized until I started Astral Projecting that they were not just simple Nightmares. There was no way that a 2 year old who never even saw a horror movie could imagine getting shredded by demons. My teacher told me it was because of my "Heritage". I have resolved that problem since but what do you think about why I attract bad spirits Bagua?
  2. I know that nothing is as it appears in the astral realm becuase things can appear in any form they wish, I admit I do not know how much of what I experienced was real and how much was illusion. I have awoken with scarring and I have been "killed" for lack of a better word multiple times and each time that that happened I was forced back into my body and felt as though my spirit was scattered and hurt, I did have a teacher and he said I was an "anomoly" and did not explain further, He was an expert at hiding important information from me (perhaps for my own safety). I had to get emergency surgery after one projection because I woke up with internal damage. There was only one war I fought in and I scarcely remember any details because I only got there minutes before it was won. I can't read while astral projecting and some of the time I cannot think clearly It's like I act half on thought and half on instint. I may have progressed too quickly by augmenting my abilities and forcing progess with sigil magic.
  3. It does sound crazy but I did those things. Call me crazy if you want but please don't call it B.S.
  4. I achieved many things, much i cannot discuss. But I Spent years in astral space and it is strange and dangerous to even the most experienced in the arts, I have traveled to Distant worlds met strange creatures, waged wars across realms, shapeshifted into animal forms and used the aid of animal spirits. I have destroyed demons. Traveled through time, lost my mind and found it again. I've had my astral body trapped by strange people in a pit fighting arena. I have since Stopped Astral Projecting and now focus on perfecting my flesh and blood body through chi gong and my advice to you is if you are going to attempt to do these things, Be Extremely Careful what you look into and involve yourself in because often when you look for hidden knowledge something usually looks back and everything has a price.
  5. during meditation

    I am following the tien-tao-chi-kung course and I am experienceing something strange, During Meditation, before I feel Oneness, my whole body starts to teeter back and forth and with each exhale It teeters more and more, sometimes I have to concentrate on stilling myself before my head hits the floor. Is this my chi awakening\circulating? If not what is it. I have heard about shaking while getting the Microcosmic Orbit going in the right direction, But I haven't heard of tilting back and forth. I call oneness when in deep meditation I feel as though i am floating above my body and in unity with everything. I am fairly new at chi kung so forgive me if I lack proper terminology
  6. Please Explain this Experience

    Hello, Someone asked me for the meaning of something they experienced during meditation and I don't understand It's meaning myself. She said she saw a background of pitch black and suddenly 3 large gray streaks appeared in the center. Does anyone know what this could mean? Each time she meditates she also hears voices talking and singing and when one male voice in particular starts talking and singing the rest would quiet down and listen as if he were making a speech. Could she be picking up an astral meeting of some sort? She says he sounds benevolent.
  7. hello need help

    Hello, Someone asked me for the meaning of something they experienced during meditation today and I don't understand It's meaning myself. They said they saw a backround of pitch black and suddenly 3 large gray streaks appeared in the center. Does anyone know what this could mean?