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  1. I can vouch for the power of the Wu Chi stand. I have been practicing for 5 months and I am up to 30 minutes. I am a 62 year old man weighing 345 pounds – honest – but I feel 20 years younger. My tendonitis is getting better and my sex drive is much stronger. I’m hooked for life. I learned the basics from Bruce Frantzis's I Chuan DVD set, part of his Xing-I documentation. Lam Kam Chuen's books and DVD are basically the same thing. You do not need to be excruciatingly correct, in my experience, to get great benefits from this. All I do is the most basic stand, hands at sides. Following Bruce's lead, at first I focussed obsessively on my internal state, body feelings, chi movement, etc. Then I broke down and watched X-Men movies. No difference I can feel/see. But try watching Vanilla Sky - *that* should wake you up. Take my advice and don’t wait until you’re a fat old man like me – start standing today, and keep it up, every single day, even if it’s only five minutes. You WILL feel your chi move and your sinking will improve like crazy, until you feel something like the Amazon river running from your head to your feet. Do it!!!
  2. Why I am against 'powers'

    I agree with Jane as far as I understand her. I prefer to think of abilities rather than powers. Now, I can move my eyes independently. It fascinates some people, makes many physically ill, and awes the impressionable. What good is it? None, except as a test of their reactions. I can also do some less-visible Yogi tricks, but I would trade it all a hundred times over for the peace of mind Jane knows. In my estimation, that's REAL magic. Not that the techniques are "magic" but that it is possible at all. But I have to say...the scene in X3 where the Phoenix blasts the 1000-ton vault door off its hinges and walks still my heart.
  3. Assalamu Alaikum

    I am here after reading of SF Jane's harrowing adventures. I am 61 and I have spent a lifetime trying to understand what I am, where I came from, and how to remove the crippling blocks to my life experience. Most of my childhood memories are black and I remember praying to God to take me to heaven in the night, so I would not wake up, when I was 3 or 4. Not to play dueling miseries, but they are mine. I would like nothing better than to spew several thousand words about myself, and my ego is slavering to do it, so I won't. I will say that in desperation I have tried nearly everything I have encountered. Some practices have been spectacularly successful in some ways; other practices opened up things out of order, which made much more trouble later on. Those who have gone down this path know whereof I speak. Spots on the roadmap in chronological order: Ceremonial magick Mensa EST Weed, LSD Co-founder (with 100 others) of California Libertarian Party, 1972 Datura (see Casteneda. Yes, I saw red. So, Fire track?) Martial arts (Largo Mano, Serrada Escrima, Cadena de Mano edged weapons) Scientology Sufism (initiated into Naqshbandi Order in 1992) Diamond Approach Quote: “The Absolute is the realm of complete mystery, or of bedazzlement, as the Sufis say. And only here will the heart feel it has arrived home, at long last. There is wonder, there is beauty, there is Majesty, but it is all mystery upon mystery. The peace is stupendous, the certainty is absolute and the beauty is dazzling. It is the ultimate Beloved of the heart, the Spirit of spirits, and the mystery of all existence. It is the absolute Presence of absolute annihilation, which is then seen to be the primal cause of all. Obviously such words make no sense to the mind, but when consciousness finally reaches this its final abode, the heart will hear these words as music.” A.H. Almaas My Blog