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  1. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    Appreciate the feedback. It's great that you been doing Qigong, just look SFQ (Spring Forest Qigong, based in Minnesota) and make sure you have familarized yourself with those Qigong exercises...that's the exercises I personally practice. One of my friends influenced me to get a reading from them and I was amazed on what occured during the session. 'veI been practicing Qigong for 2 years (began at the age of 27) and it's proven to work for me as well, ChiDragon. I had to learn how important this was because we have a lot of things on the line when we don't take appropiate measures to heal ourselves. I'll admit, it wasn't easy and still not easy, you live in a deliberate sex driven society and as a young male, it takes extreme discipline for one to remain celibate, especially in the mind. Either way, it has to be done for any true healing to occur. Everyone on this forum, make sure you read (if you guys haven't already) member "pythagoreanfulllotus" comments that he posted earlier in this thread, he's as straightfoward as you can get with this stuff - he's the one that really got me into this qigong thing while back. Great stuff man! This is a start. Have you done qigong exercises?
  2. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    Hello, guys. My name is Cory and I'm new to this forum. Very interesting posts I see in this thread. I actually STRONGLY agree with a good chunk of what's being discussed, especially what Jonas and pythagoreanfulllotus had stated in their post. The thing with pornography is that it's focused on exciting the lower chakra energy, causing one to lose their life through through external ejaculation. Males who ejaculate get their sympathetic stress system activated, raising cortisol levels thus creating emotional and mental imbalance (intense anger, fatigue, possibily leading to more destructive behavior...if not 'checked'). Pornography is not just limited to hardcore pornography you come across on the web, most of mainstream media (television shows, commercials, films, music videos, etc) comes in the form of porn, to activate the emotions of the lower chakras. This doesn't help someone's addiction to things like lust, porn, masturbation and sex with women. Even THINKING about sex is a problem because males activate your jing energy and transform it to sexual floods ready to be released for ejaculation. This is why you notice men who are always on the 'prowl' so to speak hardly get any work done - when it comes to things other than sex. You have to sublimate your energy to be productive in civilization. When you ejaculate, you lose plenty of nutrients and you have to immediately replinish it by taking up a certain diet, one particular heavy in protein and iron. The quickiest way to do this is to eat meat, especially pork and beef. However, constant digestion of such foods are very hard on the body in the long run so you still encounter health problems. In other words, avoid ejaculation, transform the energy through Qigong and full lotus meditation (my friend Drew put me on to this!). Even using that energy and focusing on more creative pursuits such as art, research, or anything POSITIVE that will keep your mind off sex and masturbation, go for it as well.
  3. Hello

    Hello. My name is Cory, new to the Tao Bums forum. Topics such as meditation, chinese medicine, tantra, and holistic health do catch my interest at times. I read many posts on this site for some time now so why not join? Thanks, guys.