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  1. Meditating in a graveyard

    So youre saying its not ok to express my opinions? My opinion of that read was that it was bullshit. People will have to deal with opinions in life. It can help them. To push the kindergarten like saying of "dont call names" is actually childish. It is harmful to another person for me -in some situations-to not call them on bullshit that I feel is such strong bullshit enought to tell them. Have consideration for other people when it comes to their actions. i apologize for the grammar i am typing with one hand now.
  2. Meditating in a graveyard

    To say that there is no such thing as a stupid comment is irresponsible and moronic. If you truly believe that then you have something you need to work on. As for that story of yours, complete bullshit. Absolute bullshit and I dont believe it the slightest bit. Im not sure why you wanted to take the time to write that story as it had little to do with anything, but I know it was untrue and actually-hilariously-cringeworthy.
  3. Meditating in a graveyard

    I didnt say that graveyards=yukks. I asked him why he would want to be in a graveyard specifically to meditate. Now I am hoping you take this and the rest of the things I write and remember them the next time you comment because there is no excuse for this. There most likely are bones beneath you in the woods. But a person doesnt specifically go to the woods to have skeletons around them. Thats what a graveyard is for. That is why I asked him if his reason for going was because he liked having the bodies beneath him. The last part about entities is ridiculous. I am shocked that a person could say something so stupid. Your beliefs are your beliefs to be followed but to speak about them in such an invasive and "factual" way is insulting and pisses me off. Especially when its something so stupid- in my opinion at least.
  4. Meditating in a graveyard

    Why would you meditate in a graveyard? Do you just like having bones below you or what? Im sure you can find some woods to meditate in if you have a graveyard. Im still confused as to why you want to meditate in one???
  5. Quantity of Chi - Infinite or Limited ?

    I believe its infinite. The universe is infinite and was created from nothing. Why cant that energy be? I would go on but im tired. I might continue tomorrow.
  6. Use the tummo technique to cool down. Its not only for heating up, it can be used to cool down as well. If you visualize heat being radiated from your dantien to heat up, then visualize coldness coming into your body and or generating from your dantien.
  7. Evil Warlord/Neigung

    I just want to throw this out to people talking about Kosta danoas book, The Magus Of Java. Kosta danoas was taught how to do basic meditation. Basically anything you could find on tv or in a yoga class. He was taught a "fake" form of Mo pai. The reason? John knew that Kosta would become a problem. And what happened? Kosta became a problem. He was a liar. He was a theif. He tried (I believe he did actually) to create his own version of Mo Pai which is very irresponsible and dangerous. John stopped teaching Kosta. Well, he never really taught him. Kosta Danoas made many things up his his books. He changed details, exaggerated and out right lied in them. He did it for money. He wanted a good story that people who are searching for Mo Pai would eat up. (like I did) The reason he did it was because John wouldnt teach him. I dont know of his other students but my teacher Jim. Im sure some have heard of him but incase you havent: He was the first American student of Johns. He is seen in a video knocking over boxes using his bioenergy. Kostas books are not to be trusted. The stories, the practices he teaches you. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. There is no reason to to go through his claims with a fine comb because things are made up and exaggerated. For instance the "warlord" fight. We dont know if that ever happened. And most likely it didnt. And even if it did it was exaggerated in his book. Again- DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU READ BY KOSTA DANOAS.
  8. Evil Warlord/Neigung

    Johns power is certainly amazing but he is far from immortal. It will be important not to exaggerate power are go on based on lies (ANYTHING KOSTA SAYS!!!!) I do not believe john could withstand being shot multiple times. He is able to withstand harm to a certain extent. -(pellet gun) And John NOW is way more powerful then he was in that documentary. He could be underground practicing now and might have been doing that for years. And Pak and Lim probably could have happened, but we arent sure if that did happen, and even if it did kosta 100% made some things up.
  9. Evil Warlord/Neigung

    I see you havent heard of how Kosta made many things up in his book. He lied many times. The book was all for money. Kosta was "kicked out of mo pai" One thing I remember Jim telling me was about John levitating in the book. He said that john was not at a level- or anywhere near-to actually hover above the ground. He said that he could lower his weight while sitting on a scale but not much else. The Warlord fight was just a story. Or I believe it was. Even if it was based on a true story, Kosta would have made many things up in it. But most likely it never happened or didnt happen to that extent. I would suggest that you not trust anything Kosta writes. He is a known liar. And he was taught an inferior form of mo pai. John was nowhere near a level to be surviving an uzi attack. Im sure if someone emptied an uzi on him he would surely die. He was not an immortal. He was not very high up. Its the simple fact. But he was at an amazing stage. He was dangerous-yes. But he was not un-killable. That would be a romanticized image of John Chang. But he is still alive. He is still training. He is becoming more and more powerful. Im sure he will one day reach the final levels. So did John. Have you watched the documentary? I can link it if you would like me to. That is, of course, if I can find it.
  10. Hello all! My name is Tyler and I used to be a student of Jim Mcmillan. I was a student years ago and over a year ago I stopped and eventually lost contact with Jim. Recently I tried to get back in contact with him only to find out that he has died. If anyone knows me from the forum of Jims and would like to talk to me via email about Jim and the teachings please do so. email: [email protected]