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  1. article about Dao

    How can the meaning of Tao be changed? Once written by creators the definite meaning is put in the character. This meaning cannot be changed later. How can meaning of the one definite written chacter can be changed? I'm not saying about understanding and interpretations. We are talking about the old form of TAO. My second question - why don't you give the meaning of the old form of TAO in the article instead of modern interptratation that is far away from the old form meaning?? Such interesting method for Yin-Yang theory No I think it will not fit. Better to search and to decribe the oldest forms from the point of Chinese itselves. And they are saying that three strokes in the right part int's not Yin-Yang, it's - defenite thing.
  2. I consider on the basis of ancient cannons - that Yellow Emperor was the highest practicing Taoist man and that's all. No outerspace origin . The same as Sheng Nong 神农 and Fu Xi 庖犧 - the first Wangs (Kings) of China.
  3. I was laughing for a long! LOL)))))
  4. article about Dao

    1. And if I have red hair - will it be Yin-Yang from the point of red? 2. Chi (Wisdom) you meant this character: "智 zhì"?
  5. article about Dao

    So from your words it means "stream, river, creek, plain", "eyes with eyelashes/eyebrow", "head with hair", trigram "Qian - Heaven" and "two titles on the top are symbolical of yin and yang" are the same? hair is the same thing as yin-yang?
  6. article about Dao

    Then what is it for - to give the interpratation of the mordern character form if the character originally had the different meaning?
  7. article about Dao

    Hi Vitali. Thnx for the interesting info about Tao. Read with pleasure. I wanted to specify the etymology of the Tao character - 道. In the article it is said "...Hieroglyph consists from 2 parts: left and right. The right part may also be divided into two parts: upper and lower ones. The upper right part means “integrated Universe”; two titles on the top are symbolical of Yin and Yang. This means that the whole Universe consists from two polar powers and, meantime, stays being an integrated unit...." The character in ur article is modern one. So I 've looked in the internet for the oldest forms of Tao character (attaching it to the post) And the right upper part is not two lines, there are three lines. So could you please explain me how it corresponds with ur interpretation?
  8. Immortals and their magical powers

    Let me put my 1pence into discussion. 1st - you will never find a knowlege without teacher. To learn smth in TAO you must find teacher. Otherwise you are intent to be Bhudda (to learn all by yourself) and how much persons are able to do all by themselves? right one in a millions. The same thing is told in every ancient and mordern manuscripts - find a teacher, because there some moments in Tao that is hard to understand with our level of energy. Someone must lead us in this practice, who already leveled up. Second - all magic things and magical powers ARE the consequience of practice and they are not the goal. If you are using such magic things - it takes from you some amount of energy. The more you use - the less energy in you. Such things called "Flowers on the road" - you must go further by the road and don't pay much attention to these pritty things))
  9. It must be JOKE)) what is good in Cigaretes and in Cola? Sorry to remind, but 1st colonists and there following childes DID KILLED most of the Natives. So future americans had come and wipe most of the population who lived there. Any questions about karma? About what these nation will crop after centuries for that crime? Yes I agrre that for ex the modern americans are not guilty for these crime, but this is there larma as a nation. And a lot of things must be happened to change this karma, to clear it up. Anyway what I wanted to say is - we are living in the Kali Yuga period, The America (almost against her citizens) is the symbol now of that following on the bottom of human life, decreasing spirit and cultivating all sins. The only way is to cultivate your spirit...
  10. Digestion problem

    Find some TCM doctor - he will explain you what the reason. It can be not in your physical body
  11. many thanks to you also for such theme. listened to with pleasure!
  12. Thanks a lot - will try to do my best, cause when you are ill the life get more importance to you! THNX for ur advice!!
  13. Tao cannot be named

  14. As I read in the translations of one encient manuscript - the regulation of your temperature depends on the condition of your bidy. If in meditation it is heating or cooling - than meditation is to earlier for you - you must (as was written) get control of your body by moveable trainings.
  15. Hi 2 Ya Mu. I have 1 qustionif I have a cardiac disease, can I practice this programm?