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  1. I took advantage of the deal Michael offered to TTB new students! I've never been to any of his workshops before but I am looking forward to attending the upcoming workshop that is scheduled for Sept 28-30th in Springfield, Missouri. I read his book first (A Light Warrior's Guide to High Level Healing) just to get a better idea of what his teaching/training consisted of. Well after reading it…then I just HAD to go! I didn't find his book "hippyish" IMO. Maybe other readers felt that way because it was his personal life account and the generation he grew up in? I don't know..….but everyone has their own opinion…..and I respect that. Actually it brought back memories for me although I didn't do any "mushroom munching" (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) I've read most of the posts about all the experiences his students have encountered and I have had most of my questions answered by reading them and I have learned a great deal from his students already. I want to thank all of you for posting your healing others testimonials, questions, and for the answers from his more advanced students,and Michael as well, because that's why I'm here…to learn. (I'm a total beginner in qigong/neigong so the workshop should be interesting!) Thank you Michael for your generous offer to TTB new students!!
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    Cool... Thanks for the welcome Basher! i'm delighted to be here. I only wish I had stumbled upon this forum sooner. (I've already read the posts/rules a few weeks ago)
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    Hello~ I've been visiting this forum for a few months now and every time I do I learn something new. I probably won't contribute much here at first because I am still beginning to learn about meditation and qigong/neigong. Anyway…..I just wanted to say hi and to let you all know how grateful I am for finding this forum community. Moon_Shine