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  1. What is humble?

    I feel as if humblity in the sense of "trying to be humble," or even thinking to myself "I'm pretty humble" is in itself not humble. Therefore, I would only use the word to describe people who have less of an ego than the norm.
  2. Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. I am probably a typical noob. Everything I know pertaining to this subject comes from Alan Watts. I have been listening to his recorded talks for years now, and I have read some of his books in which he describes Taoism, Zen and other eastern philosophies. I know it probably isn't smart to get all my knowledge from one source, so I figured I'd give this forum a shot. I am 19 years old, I live in Michigan, USA where I attend college and work as a laborer. I feel like Watts has logically explained to me what Taoism is about, but I feel as if the enlightenment is coming straight from Watts and once I close the book or stop the recording, I go back to my engrained habits of seeking and frustration. Thanks for reading this. Now that I have introduced myself, I will continue to explore the forum.