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    Well the first book I bought of his was Taoist Sexual Meditation. I recently inquired into lessons from local teachers that are certified under his Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong; see here:
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    I've began with Frantzis' stuff. Any particular reasons to drop this path and follow what you suggested above?
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    Hello, I'm new here but have been reading up and practicing meditation and yoga for a few years now. I picked up a copy of the Book of The Dead, but never finished it. I also have 'Taoist Yoga' and got about half way through before I gave up. I just picked up Taoist Sexual Meditation by Frantzis due to a tip from this forum; looking forward to spending some time with it. In addition to toaist related stuff I'm also a big fan of Stoic philosophers: Aurilius, Senica, Cato. Ben Franklin is also an idol. Anyway, that's a bit about me. I've enjoyed the discussion here so far so I thought I'd say hi. If possible, I would like access to the personal journal section. Thanks! -E