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  1. Yeah i use it on my scalp and face and i use it for oil pulling. i also use shea butter where i have psoriasis lesions. in between the bends of my elbows and on my neck. good stuff.

    What kind of meditation emptiness? Small universe.
  3. So how often do i have to practice sfq in order to get into full lotus. i can cross my legs. but thats about it.
  4. I am that i am.

    OH ok.
  5. I am that i am.

    What do you mean haha. Thanks Clown NInja.
  6. I am that i am.

    Wow, beautiful stuff cat thanks. Im going to try the triple warmer exercise tonight.
  7. Ah ok. He also has a video on increasing yang jing with herbs. do you think it would be harder do with herbs than meditation? i think i could use the herbs to benefit my will power so i can practice SFQ more like i want to. I remember you mentioning cayenne alot on your blog. isn't it good for using in animal products to get rid of parasites, or is that pretty much any herb? Yeah ive been to Canada its really nice over there other than the cold weather. Took a trip up to Michigan to visit relatives with my family. went through the Windsor tunnel. What are some good foods for building jing? im not sure if im deficient myself or not, i have had multiple vaccines. i remember you mentioning how you got those rabies shots with mercury in them, and vaccines have mercury to. i also have fillings haha. all that soda i had as kid. now i just want to cut sugar out all together. im addicted tho i have to kick it. Exorcisms must of been intense! yeah i definitely want to get to a point where i can heal my family of there ailments. Seeing spirits i would of just froze in fear haha.
  8. Yeah ive tried fasting in the past, it only lasted one day. but i noticed a difference, it was like i could feel my body digesting the food and the energy of it rite away. well i did break the fast with an orange haha. On the topic of water do you think spring water would be best compared to filtered tap water and distilled water. i myself have a brita filter and a clearly filtered water bottle. when im at work i drink hot water that comes out of the coffee dispenser and mix it with some cold for yin yang water not filtered tho. I know you've mentioned in the past that you have low jing. check this out tell me what you think.
  9. What diet is that? Im trying to do qi full eating. once i have enough money saved up i plan on going to my natural grocer and getting lots of fresh produce and some grass fed meats and dairy.
  10. I am that i am.

    Thanks cat! yeah i agree breathing in of the universe is very powerful. as soon i get in bad mood or have negative thoughts pop up i start reverse breathing while focusing on my lower tan tien and almost instantly i come into balance with my emotions and thoughts. I really have a better attitude because of it. What kind of healing sounds would you do. sometimes i do mantras in my head. like om mane padme hom. i also sing, and throat singing, and hum to myself at times. when you mean extending your field of awareness, your talking about being aware of your emotions and thoughts rite and not letting them take you out of your focus of what your doing in the moment?
  11. I am that i am.

    Thanks alot OldChi! The interview is awesome. yeah i have the level one exercises with the booklet and everything. so far before i go to bed i do the self concentration meditation. eventually ill start doing the small universe meditation while im on break at work. and when i get home ill do the standing active exercises. Here and there i do the breathing in of the universe.
  12. I am that i am.

    Hello Marblehead, thanks for the welcome.
  13. I am that i am.

    I already have my good sir, but thank you and nice meeting you. yeah im really just trying to deepen my practice. get a routine going. its kind of hard considering i have two jobs. but im slowly fitting time into my schedule for it and im feeling the results.
  14. I am that i am.

    Thanks Chang.
  15. I am that i am.

    Hello, this physical form that is being expressed through consciousness is called Skyler. now Skyler is wondering if its pointless to continue on like this in the third person. no matter this is all of the mind. haha any way im really interested in the teachings of Mooji, as well as Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin. ive Visited this forum quite a few times and figured it was time i become a member. I look forward to learning from you all.