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  1. Become Taoist Priest?

    Oh I see ChiDragon! Thanks!
  2. What films do you enjoy?

    Has anyone watched the Lone Ranger? Is it any good?
  3. Become Taoist Priest?

    I'm curious - is it easy to find daoist temples in the US? When you say "priest", do you mean learning under a master and then becoming one yourself? That seems like many years of learning and practice and also requiresone to follow strict disciplines?
  4. Talismans?

    BaguaKicksAss,sorry am confused... Mr Brand New? I do not own any site esp re daoism i 've still go plenty to learn! Coin sword - that's a scary price difference! Same material?
  5. Taijiquan Styles

    Hi I have done yang style a bit. It was great for healing when you tried the stance and build your foundation. The chi would flow from your feet all the way to the head and finger tips. I have seen live demonstration of how the master handle attacks effortlessly too. Great KungFu!
  6. Talismans?

    Hi please also check out this page - very nice talisman ))
  7. [TTC Study] Chapter 1 of the Tao Te Ching

    Thanks for the translation! I have read it in Chinese only and never quite understand the text completely becoz ancient Chinese text is hard... Very helpful to try to read it in English!
  8. greetings! :)

    Hi Concierge yes indeed there are quite a few chinese resources from Hk and Taiwan sites. Then when I was searching more I also saw English sites. Seems there are good English Taoist pages around too!
  9. greetings! :)

    Hello everyone! I'm from Hong Kong. Am interested in Daoism and have been hoping to learn more about it Cheers, Blim