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  1. Pranotthana or Kundalini?

    I do not think most members here are familiar with pranotthana, or have ever even heard of it before. I am limited by my time to come use the internet, but I plan on making a detailed description and possible a blog about this topic if I have enough time. I see many posts here and other laces on the internet where people are mistaking these two all too often. I will help clear things up, just give me a little time. Have a great week SOTG!
  2. Full Lotus Several Decades @ Kundalini

    This post is the closest answer. I still would adapt it a bit though. He states his Kundalini awoke beofre, but that is not the case. What you have gone through in the past is not a real full on Kundalini Awakening as most call it. What you experienced was what we refer to as pranotthana. You can google it for more info. The first link has some decent information, not much but it is good to get an idea. http://www.yogamag.net/archives/1979/cmar79/prano.shtml I see a lot of misinformation about Kundalini around the internet. I would say the great majority of many believing they are having a Kundalini experience are really just experiencing something else, most of the time the mystical experiences are just pranotthana. It is still very emotional profound and special feeling to experience pranotthana, but it is mutch different than having a full on Kundalini Awakening. What you described physically feeling is very common with pranotthana, but judging what you describe that is definitely it. I think a lot of when practicioners would have the awakenings at 100 days, this was all just powerful pranotthana. You may even have an "afterglow" for a long period after, and you will probably have different abilities that are stronger after the experience, but it is not Kundalini. Pranotthana may eventually lead there, but too many mistake this. We have even witnessed very powerful, energetic, knowledgeable practitioners mistake pranotthana for K, you are far from alone. In all honesty, there are even some out there that claim to have had a full on K experience that offer classes and help for others, that have not had a true K Awakening. Some very popular "teachers" that are well known, talked about even here on this forum, and charge nice amounts of money for there "help" and guidance. I would say it is a bit disturbing, but they honestly do not know that they have only experienced strong pranotthana instead of K! And they are still very peaceful, talented, powerful, helpful gifted humans that others can learn from- they just have not experienced true Kundalini Awakening. I would liken it to young girls who are just starting out with sexual experiences. Many girls do not experience an orgasm right away. When they talk with their friends they might say things like "Yeah I think I had one", "I definitely felt the rush", ect. They do have tingly energetic, highly emotional, pleasurable moments, but until they have a full blown orgasm that is all they know. Kundalini is just like this. I had the same thing happen to me before, pranotthana experiences I mistook for K, but when it actually does happen, it is beyond mere words. A lot of us work together, and I can tell you right now that after having a true K awakening, there is absolutely, positively 100% no losing it or having it fade away only to come back decades later. A true K Awakening is a life changing event. Possibly on of the biggest life changing events one could have. It is far beyond seeing a light, feeling the pranaQiKi move up, and being able to detect or see energy and grids. For me at first, I immediately thought I had died, which was not shocking, and from others I know have gone through real K Awakenings I was ready for and expecting. It was very associative in a way that I did not feel my body in the usual sense, merely melted away into a pool of everything, all energy in all forms and frequencies from every dimension. Endless energy with endless knowledge. Very much beyond words. When it first happened, once I came "back", I was hovering over my material body but able to see all around me in every direction, and eyes were still closed. I have limited computer access, but I will tell of some more experiences when I am able. I could see everything around me with my eyes closed. I don't think I said a single word for more than a few days. I was in society too, but nobody seemed to notice that I wasn't saying anything, it seemed I was communicating almost better than when I talk with voice. Very different and I had it happen before to an extent, just not like this for so long, with such precision. Astral/ethereal projection can happen with very minimal effort, and seem as real if not more real that "usual life". (I actually have a funny story about projecting around earth once realtime and observing a young group of kids partying. I think they were on drugs because one of them noticed me and it was a little startling not only for him! That had not happened before) I can definitely help with others going through what they consider Kundalini Syndrome, I understand how hard it can be. Your body really needs to be ready for it, because if you were to have the full K experience without being ready it is not like the troubles most go through struggling with K Awakening. You would literally die or go crazy, not just feel like you were going to. Your body must be ready to handle all the new things you are able to perceive and you have to control everything perfectly. Knowing things about people you have never met, or sometimes worse people you have met. Energy in every manner, not just grids. No need for sex. More people very attracted to you, but you can still give them energy and leave them satisfied without having to cater to everyone or reject. One of my problems I encountered is that I always know when people are lying so it would be hard even if you wanted a relationship. Can not remember the last time I had an argument with someone. This should give you enough to take in and think about. Research pranotthana and come back or PM me if you have any more questions.
  3. New Member Intro

    Thank you! This is a nice community where a lot of people can learn a great deal if they have an open mind, I look forward to making contributions whenever I am able.
  4. New Member Intro

    I am here mainly because there is an onslaught of misinformation and confusion about true Kundalini. I have seen posts on this forum before and actually tried to sign up before, but where I am located all I get is trouble due to slow connections, and most of the computers and connections here are tied with spammers. But, I finally did it, and am looking forward to clearing some things up. I have talked with a few members from here through IM before and think I have a lot to bring to the table in terms of true awakening.