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    I am really amazed, it s all even beginning to replace my yoga and meditation, it just embraces everything. I have discovered that for the moment, it seems that, for my case, what I need most is to relax by breath in/out, it doesn t really matter if it s tan tien breathing or else but I feel I need to practise in group or/teacher, would anyone know hwere or with who I can practise here in Europe? many thanks Anand
  2. introducing

    Thank you Darin! It s very much appreciated, what is bone compression breathing exercise, is there a place I can learn all that in Europe? with thanks A
  3. introducing

    Hello to all, I have registered here in the first instance to ask a very precise question, i am not sure though it is the right posting place as it is the place where I should introduce myself, so I guess I ll do both at the same time. I have been practicing awareness of the sensations, Goenka way, for a few years now, and been as well practicing some Iyengar yoga. It s all been going very well until quite recently, a few months back. I began having much libido and desire seemingly coming from hours of sitting cross legged and surprisingly (or maybe it s a surprise only for me) by the stretch of my spine/lower back in yoga. Very quickly it has turned into automatic loss of semen at night, or, most of the time, rather orgasm without any loss of semen or very little, I even once experienced loss without any erection. Curiously it seems to me that it is not even related to any real sexual desire, I have infrequent sexual relationships with my partner, but still I do have them. It seems more as if it was a prostate issue or something like that, although I have to admit I know nothing about it all. I am 31 and not too much into sexual craving usually. So I tried to reduce sitting and yoga or even stop altogether but even only a little bit is enough for it to start all over again, and sometimes it is even not necessary to indulge in meditation or yoga to experience the same process coming again. I suppose it must be more or less common, so I decided to turn to you, I read a bit of the forum and decided it would probably be appropriate to do something like testicular breathing. I have seen that Mr Trunk is obviously very knowledgeable and wise, I would be happy to get some advice. Well that s it, thanks to all Anand