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  1. My Name is Jonathan

    Yes I am. I've been one since I was 18. I go to a Friends Meeting with a Preacher but we do sometimes have 5-10 Minute Silent Worship and then we have Regular Worship. I'm actually thinking about going to Guilford College which is a College in North Carolina that is affilated with Quakerism.
  2. My Name is Jonathan

    I forgot to mention something, I'm a Quaker.
  3. My Name is Jonathan

    Hello everyone , My name is Jonathan. I'm 20 and I'm from North Carolina. I'm glad to be here on Taobums because I find Taoism and Chinese Philosophies and Religions quite interesting. (I used to be a Confucian.) I might consider becoming a Philosophical Taoist eventually but first I have three questions. 1. Was Laozi an Astrologer or was he not one? 2. Can one be both an Unaffliated Democrat and a Philosophical Taoist? 3. Are there any Taoist Sages in North Carolina?