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  1. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    Hello Dear, I am on a completely vegetarain diet for the most part. I eat banana, papaya and peach for breakfast. I eat some whole grain bread, a salad, some cooked veggies for lunch, sometimes some oatmeal. I eat more fruit, or carrots late noon, and some oatmeal again in the evening. That is pretty much my diet. I ocassionally add some beans etc. for protein. I avoid sugars, most processed foods and carbs for the most part. I also try to be gluten free for the most part. I have been following this diet for about two years now.
  2. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    Hello Ronko, frankly nothing I could notice during or after the sessions. I did not even know if the healings were done and had to follow up several times to confirm they did indeed happen, not very responsive. I don't know, just no more spending what little I have on "healers".
  3. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    Dear one, thank you for the kind words. I don't know much about "ayahuasca", but it seems like a herb? I will enquire more about it and see if it can help. Thank you.
  4. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    Thanks dear. I don't disagree with you. We have a lifetime or lifetimes of spring cleaning to do, and at the old age I am at, I am trying my best. I agree and acknowledge the overall holistic benefit Qigong may have, or just a healthy, stress-free, good-diet+exercise lifestyle probably does the same as well? I was really talking of testimonies and claims by these healers - of correcting specific problems, of quick help, of not needing "hard work" or "lot of time and practice" like in the case of Yuen Method etc. Most healers I went to assured me I did not need to "believe", and I would see real physical improvements. I have now realized it just does not work that way, does it? But when one is sick and tired and scared, you try all avenues, and so I did. Certain lessons are to be learned the hard way I suppose.
  5. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    I am neither "lindsy" nor "wanda", just good ol Clarice. I said things did not work for me and I just gave examples of a bunch of things that did not work for me. So, now I am a conspirator? pythagoreanfulllotus: Please don't accuse me with no idea of what I am going through. I am least interested in the kind of things you accuse me of, I am just trying to seek help. I have no idea who Lindsy is or Wanda is. I don't appreciate your accusation. Lay it off please, don't be a bully.
  6. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    Thanks Jetsun Thanks Renee - I sent you a PM That there are some kind people listening to an old lady means a lot to me
  7. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    Can you share more about the current modality you are working on? Appreciate any input that can give me some hope.
  8. Dear Friends, I have been a lurker on this forum for a long time. I started looking at healing practices about 2 years ago due to health challenges. I have severe GERD, IB syndrome, ulcers, thyroid problems and a host of other issues and conventional medication seems to only deal with symptoms. I explored Qigong - I practiced Spring Forest Qigong level 1 (still do) for 2 years faithfully. Did not seem t help one bit. I then explored various energy healers: Michael Mohoric, Elma Mayer (Yuen Method), Mahendra Trivedi, John Douglas etc., did several sessions of healing but nothing seemed to even help minutely. I read lot of reviews for healing from Chunyi Lin/Jim and Michael Lomax (who used to post here last year as YaMu) and did several sessions with them, but noticed no improvement. Learned Reiki and some other healing modalities, no help! What has somewhat helped is a change in diet, more hydration and conventional medication to some extent. My faith in all this "enery arts" and "energy healing" is completely lost! I have been talking on numerous online forums with people with similar challenges, and most report similar results. Some seem to have benefitted only because of their faith and that too emtionally with no real physical healing to report. I was especially frustrated with methods like Yuen Method - where I sat through hundreds of sessions with so-called masters who "strengethened" and "weakened" and went from zero to infinity to what not but to no avail! About a year and a half ago, I also did sessions with a healer on this forum, who did similar Yuen Method mumbo jumbo and nada, saw zero help. Does energy healing really work - apart from may be emotional comfort? I can see how Qigong helps in some ways for general well-being, but the whole thing about actual, specific, consistent physical healing via the "energy way" seems like a total fallcy Sorry for ranting in my very first post here, but I am 75, without medical insurance and having spent much money on these "healers", it's hard for me to be positive.
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