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  1. Addiction

    Ultimately I would say go to rehab and reach out. It is too difficult to do alone, one needs professional help. Only after having established a basic niche in society should one practice any form of spirituality. But until then, if one is ill, one should seek medical aid. This is the best option.
  2. Is there ever an end of individual consciousness?

    Hmmmm, no. And by no I mean as a reply to your worries. In my mind there is generally no speculative worries or so called logical knots and loops as regard to these teachings. The reason is because the teachings are mostly centered around conscientiousness and heedfulness, hard work and diligence. They actually have very little to do with any cognitive thinking or philosophizing. For the most part you should abandon any type of useless discourse that goes on in your head about metaphysical speculations, because these trains of thought are useless. In my personal experience I actually never speculated, and speculation is something that never actually bothered me, neither did I get caught up in thinking about variable unfalsifiable hypotheses, I just practiced. And when I practiced I became happier.
  3. Hello from Hong Kong!

    Sup people, only in HK temporarily! My name is James, I have a rather long history with religion (having practiced Tantra, Mahamudra, Early Indian Buddhism etc.) I recently got back into Daoism, I've been a dilettante of sorts to most spiritualities (Theistic Satanism, Actualism, Zen etc.) I was also very much into psychonautics and Leary's Circuits. I recently had a spiritual experience that left me permanently cured of depression. These days I'm kind of obsessed with two things: inner alchemy and thus spiritual Daoism, and sex (because I never get enough sex.) Guess you can't be a master of everything, happy posting and peace!