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  1. Basic Taoist Help?

    @Stosh @Gerard @baiqi @cat @Tsunami_MAPUA @nijjhar @lizjill Hello again I'd just like to say thank you for all your help! With it, I've finally been able to finish my book! (If you don't have a kindle, there are apple/android/google play/PC/windows store apps if you want to read it!) I hope that I have managed to do Taoism the justice it deserves Thanks again x
  2. Basic Taoist Help?

    Hello! Ok, I have read a bit more on Taoism, so feel that I have explained some of the general Taoist concepts quite a bit better... Not sure if I've added too many of my own ideas or if I've gone too much into philosophical Taoism though? Thanks!
  3. Basic Taoist Help?

    Thank you for the information! So Confucianism is more to do with society and how it is run? Thanks, I'll add some stuff about Inner Alchemy and the immortals - thanks Hahaha yes you guys are probably right Although it may not look like it, I've spent quite a while on this so I might as well see it through to the end...
  4. Basic Taoist Help?

    Wow thank you very much @Stosh and @Gerard for the information ! Well the book is going to be fairly basic, for children and adults alike, to educate them a little and rid any huge misconceptions too, (like all witches worship Satan for example, which is ludicrous!) But very good point, so I'll make sure to really emphasise how basic an outline that this is, and that they should research much further into any religions that interest them. Really grateful for the help
  5. Basic Taoist Help?

    Hello, this is my first post here so sorry if I.. do it wrong It looks like a great website so I cannot wait to delve deeper into all things Taoist! Anyway, over the past year, among exams, I've been trying to write a book showing the similarities between the world religions. This is in the hope to end these silly conflicts and so people can be at peace and love one another, which is, ironically, what all their sacred texts say in the first place! It's going to be a fairly short and simple book with lots of colourful illustrations, so that it is accessible to everyone I hope I'm also going to write about the basic beliefs of each religion, to educate people and discard any bad misconceptions. Although I know a fair bit about the 12 major religions that I have decided to write about, I can obviously be no expert in every single one. Therefore it would be really lovely if you could look over this document and add any comments on anything that I have got wrong/missed out/is too detailed/general silliness.. Also, do you know any good Taoist parables/stories/quotes to promote love/equality/goodness? (Not sure whether the quotes would be subject to copyright if published though...) I know this is quite a big and selfish ask, so I really don't expect anyone to look at it. Still, you never know 'til you ask! so... well see Thank you in advance wonderful people!