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  1. A point to prove (or disprove)?

    I disagree.
  2. Vivid dreams?

  3. Vivid dreams?

    Is it possible to naturally raise serotonin levels? Exercise, something else? Ive long suspected that mine are low. I probably used all mine up eating Ecstasy in the early '90s.
  4. We are the master of our emotions

    What does escaping duality entail?
  5. We are the master of our emotions

    I dont know a whole lot about "transcending dualities" but I cant find anything there I outright disagree with. I think our emotional response to a thing is based on how that thing or event affects our well being. If something is good for us, we respond with positive emotions, if something is bad we respond negatively. And I do agree that there is a mean, a sliding scale to this. In this way, we are the masters of our emotions, as long as we see them for what they are, and our values are rational. An irrational value, for example, would be (in my case) getting hooked on a drug. My rational mind tells me it's poison, and it'll destroy my life. But desire, fear, and a whole mixture of other emotions are taken as primaries and reason is given a back seat. Things that are bad for our well being should elicit (for the most part) negative emotions, the only way they do the opposite is if we hold an irrational value. The only question is how exactly we determine what is objectively good for our well being.
  6. We are the master of our emotions

    I see that as a reversal of cause and effect. No matter how mundane the experience, if it elicits an emotional response, it arises from a value judgement. Same for pain or pleasure, muscle fatigue (pain) from an intense workout can be pleasurable because you value physical exertion as a means to health and fitness. Pain from a slap in the face elicits a very different emotional response, ie. anger, distress, etc. unless my value hierarchy is irrational I cant just choose to experience this as pleasure. (and turn the other cheek perhaps) To believe otherwise, in my opinion, puts the cart before the horse.
  7. We are the master of our emotions

    Pain and exhaustion are not emotional states though. I cant possibly love sadness and hate, that would be irrational. I value happiness and things that make me happy. Emotions come from our values.
  8. Vivid dreams?

    This interests me as well. I never remember my dreams. I cant recall the last time I had a dream.
  9. We are the master of our emotions

    I don't think its as simple as choosing to be happy, or choosing not to be sad. An emotion is an automatic subconscious response to events, based on our values. The fact that it is automatic means that it can be evaluated, observed, acted upon or ignored. But you cant choose to make it something it's not.
  10. Addiction

    Perfect Egg, glad to hear about your brother. Its funny you mention "pura vida", Ive been to Costa Rica a few times and I love the country and the people. I normally stay in Puntarenas. I made a few friends in Esparza on my last trip. Iron Munkee, alcohol isnt my main problem either, it was just the first hurdle to overcome on my path to freedom. Its sounds like youre headed in the right direction, good luck to you on your path. Kumachan, thanks for your encouragement. Im still working on myself, Im almost where I need to be. Everyday Im improving, little by little. thanks, j..
  11. Addiction

    I know what you mean, thats good advice. thanks, j..
  12. Watching The Birds

    Man Cardinal feeding his babies.
  13. Watching The Birds

    Northern Flickers in my backyard. The first image is 2 females fighting. The second photo shows the winner getting it on with the male. (oops, other way around)
  14. What are you reading right now?

    My cousin recently turned me on to Haruki Murakami, Ive only read one of his novels so far but I plan to read more. My favorite recent non-fiction: Deep Survival by Lawrence Gonzales.