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  1. Haiku Chain

    I have not been here, Nor did I disappear, So where have I been?
  2. Cloverfield

    Did you get to see the monster? I had a theory that they would not show it to you and instead tease your imagination. PLEASE dont tell me what the monster is if you know lol.
  3. Oh wow I'm pretty much interested in any form of movement (I do yoga, wing chun and parkour) and that is something I have never seen before. What an amazing concept!

    what in gods name is all that about? Are those guys for real?
  5. In my opinion there is just too many rules in UFC for a traditional martial artist to really compete. I study Wing Chun and a few of my friends do MMA. MMA is really about competition where as traditional martial arts were made for survival and are deadly if used correctly. I would think the REAL martial arts masters know that they do not need to feed their ego's by entering such competitions. Every fighting style has its merits and its weaknesses but the truth of it is most UFC fights take place on the ground, and if they get you down there you are in trouble. Nothing is certain in a fight.
  6. Clip chakra kundalini by Alex Gray

    I love Alex Grey's work, i'm a huge fan. I have a tattoo inspired by him haha. That is ripped from Toll's "Parabol" Video . . .awesome song.

    haha ok man, I hope they are of some use to you. It may be a while before we get all the fundamentals up there but we'll get it done.

    Seems like some pretty good fundamental training! I'll have a read through that later. Were working on a learn section for our site at the moment, the weather has put a hault on things. So far I have only managed to film my roll and my precision tutorial. Northern Munkeys

    Hey man movement is movement and we all have to begin somewhere. It can be hard training on your own but that way you can remain more focused on what you are doing and push your limits on your own. Have you tried posting on the Urban Freeflow Local Action forum to see if there are others who practice parkour in your area?

    Cool, Ive never seen that before, the only parkour tutorial dvd I am aware of is the one Urban Freeflow are supposed to be releasing. How long have you been training?

    Oh cool, which DVD did you get? The main 3 at the moment are the Jump London and Jump Britain series and District 13
  12. Ancient Hebrew/Sanskrit alphabet

    I watched a programme once with some scholars and the like studying Sanskrit. They were quite shocked by it because they found that as a language it is mathematically perfect. I cant remember exactly what that means but the scientists were amazed.
  13. Nei Kung?

    Well like I say I don't know much. All I have really learned is that it is a more internal form of chi kung, developing core energy and moving it outwards. I dont know anything at all about how this is done. I downloaded a whole bunch of martial arts ebooks and I just found one in there called Mantak Chia - Chi Nei Tsang Is this anything to do with Nei Kung practices? Where can I learn more?
  14. Nei Kung?

    Can someone give me a concise explanation as to what Nei Kung is? what the aim of this practice is? and how it works? All the information I have found so far doesn't go into great detail. namaste

    I do Indeed. I love it!