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  1. mentholated cunnilingus

    that fixed her wagon!
  2. gottayogaball

    (Yoda at Yoda's Mom) Perfect for mentholated fun too! -y
  3. Bitters

    It turns out Mom's isn't Swedish, it's Caribean. Still, it's supposed to be a general tonic. I'm into cheap energizers. I'm hard to please, though--I'll stay on something for about 30 days then forget about them. Thanks for any thoughts! -Y
  4. Bitters

    I just found some Swedish Bitters at Mom's place. I googled it and it is widely attributed to Paracelsus by verbal tradition--the formula isn't found in his writings. Also, there is a similar brew mentioned in the writings of St. Germain. What the heck, I'll give it a shot. Anyone tried it? -Yoda
  5. great ramble! Interesting that Winn says it's a prereq and Twicken says it's too dangerous. Seems contradictory. I think that whatever practice you find that makes you happy is the best place to start. For instance, Winn says that sungazing is an advanced practice due to the difficulty of digesting the energy (and possibly due to the potential hazards) but I was still able to benefit from it without practicing retention. Then, after a few months of sungazing, retention seems to be falling into place naturally. -Y
  6. Latest HT post from Michael Winn

    Channelling people is easy and it doesn't matter if the channelled entity has croaked or not. Friends croaking is always a great time for practicing this. It makes the transition easier to understand. I chat with folks in the obituary section of the paper frequently. It strengthens my connection, familiarity, and knowledge of the spiritual realm. -Yoda
  7. It's always best if you have a spare concubine push it on command, but I can only afford one full-time woman, so I do it myself. Definitely not a good idea for an enlarged prostate. Even when it gets better, still not worth doing in your case. In your shoes, never go to 90% max stimulation. Stay in the 60%-70% zone and cycle in the tongue often. Exercise an hour a day, etc. You just have to be better at all the other strategies as there's no safety net. Just takes some practice, no biggie. -Yoda
  8. google search for "wall squats". They are good. -Y
  9. Who here is the best Yogi?

    Nobody knows you like you. Nobody gives a shit about you more than you do. No guru can hold a candle to your own spirit. -Yoda
  10. I still use it when I loose track of where I'm at. It had bummed me out previously when I'd lose concentration and then I'd have to reset my jing calender to day 1. It totally sucked. Now the loss of energy isn't as big of a setback. I haven't had any problems with it, but I still want to use it sparingly. It's almost full-proof. The only accident I had was when I was too drunk to hit the spot correctly. Eventually, as my practice develops, I won't have to resort to it. The trick for dual cultivation is to trade off between the weiner and the tongue--she stays happy and your weiner doesn't get fried. And then some sort of processing practice-- such as running, pranayama, microcosmic breathing, etc. I just followed Ron's advice to the letter and it works easily, without much learning curve. It's wasteful to practice and then squirt out all your hard work at the end of the day! -Y PS Matt, I'd love to know what's worked for you. Thanks! -Y
  11. Taobums Runners Club

    just did a groovy 6 miles here in the NC Mtns. -Y
  12. I googled prostate cadaver and got a decent image. You aren't pushing the prostate directly the way the doctor feels the prostate through the rectum, instead you are applying pressure to the indentation area which in turn applies pressure to the ejaculatory duct before it connects to the bladder. Nothing comes out during an ejaculation or afterwards in the urine. More important than saving the sperm, you saved the aura seminalis of the sperm. Some men have had no problems with this practice, others have had problems. If you chose to try it, use it as an emergency backup with the intention to phase it out forever. -Yoda
  13. (Yoda at Mom's, actually) Great topic. Very important point. Learned this from Ron. You gotta apply pressure to the ejaculatory duct before it connects with the bladder. To do so, you have to apply pressure closer to the asshole than you had figured previously. There's an indentation there. In your picture, you are applying pressure behind and over the bone shown onto the number 7. Do this only in case of emergency. Shouldn't be done regularly. There will still be some energy loss, but not nearly as severe. I can say more when I'm on my computer in a few days. Oh, and your picture you selected isn't a good one. Google for an image which includes a cross-section of the bones so you can see what's going on. -Yoda