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  1. Update: Whoa. 20 minutes of no-hands flexing with Device #5 (out of the 6 strengths) was fascinating. No vaginal orgasm, but I almost feel like the ghost of one made an appearance: I'm feeling the beginning of an upward surging energy which gets a little "higher" whenever I clench. Since it's weight-lifting I'll do it every other day. Interesting synchronicity: my bed is in my Love and Relationships corner feng-shui-wise, and I lit some candles in that corner, and right after my little workout session the guy I've been randomly fooling around with suddenly appeared online with a crazy future idea for sex in public . . . and then I felt so high from fish oil dopamine that I called up a guy I've been crushing on for a year and asked him out for a drink tomorrow and he responded really enthusiastically. Fish oil makes me feel invincible and confident. Still not doing my grad school papers but I don't care! I wonder if I should make my own personal practice journal on the other forum instead of annoying people here with my babble . . .
  2. Damn, and I thought it was hard enough just finding a guy who could carry on a conversation! I've often thought about starting a Five Element dating service. I'm always attracted to Fire men even though I know they're baaaaad news. But . . . so . . . pretty . . . Witch, I have read so much of your stuff online that I feel like I already know you, and thus I left out that I do indeed already have the two highest-resistance Gyneflexes. I've never been able to stick to a gym routine too well, these included--- I get so turned on after about two minutes of flexing that I abandon all discipline and just use it like a dildo to have a combination orgasm (clitoral plus vaginal stimulation but I suspect that kind are actually just clitoral since I can't have vaginal alone). But not tonight! I am planning to actually do 20 minutes. I finally figured out from reading stuff in your book and online that I shouldn't expect vaginal orgasms to feel identical to clitoral ones (big yang explosion centered in one place). I think I'm a little scared of this kundalini business. I've got a red and gold object in my room that I hope has your name on it.
  3. I should have mentioned that I did buy your book right when it came out and I preach the gospel to as many of my female friends/relatives/total strangers as possible! I am taking 1 tablespoon of Carlson's a day, which is 2400 mg of EPA and 1500 mg of DHA. I'm dialing down the caffeine and I'm already a carnivore who regards sugar with indifference. I weigh 137 pounds. I'm all for orgasmic bliss, but I'm noticing a disconcerting side effect: this diet zaps all my ambition! I don't feel **driven** to do much of anything, including my work. I don't feel creative or writerly, I just want to lounge around feeling sensual and having lots of orgasms. Since you seem amenable to Jungian terms (I have his amazing autobiography by my bedside), I feel like it puts my animus into a drugged state. No masculine drive-to-conquer!
  4. I don't think you're crazy, Witch. Like Oscar Wilde, I only believe things if they're truly incredible. I started taking a tablespoon of Carlson's fish oil two days ago (had started your diet but then stopped because I was single before) and I can already feel the effects. Since a young age I've been "forcing" my clitoral orgasms to happen (like some women force them with vibrators, but I was just using my hands) and needing to use a lot of pressure and friction. Literally within two hours of the first dose of fish oil I felt very calm and floaty and I took a nap, and felt interesting sensations all over my body. Even though I ended up "only" having a clitoral orgasm, I consider it a brand-new experience because I only needed very light, fast pressure in a way that normally doesn't do ANYTHING for me. And instead of a short burst of tight muscle contractions, I felt this much more energy-type pleasure build up and then it felt like a wave broke over me and I couldn't help it! Very, very different from the usual. I'm in the game. I want to see what the heck is going to happen to me in three months if this is what's happening after two days.
  5. Jess O Brian, I was SHOCKED that you mentioned Frank Allen, because that's who I am taking the class with! Wow. I never expected to encounter that on this board, you are doing exactly what I want to do! Hehe. Thank you so much for replying, your insights are really helpful. That's one of the things that attracted me, no 64 different palm changes, but a lot of depth in the ones learned. So have you had significant sparring experience? I found this funny video of BKF on youtube demonstrating ba gua fighting applications:
  6. Thank you for the responses! I'm encouraged, and I'll definitely do the workshop. They are opening up the ba gua class in my area to new students for the first time in two years, so I will have the opportunity for weekly group practice as well as instruction. I'm 22 and I don't have any knee problems, so I think I will be ok, but I will be VERY careful about alignment. I have heard that ba gua is a good segue into meditation because you can build internal power, and most importantly you can "fight" inner demons and blocks using the techniques learned. I hope it lives up to its claims. I currently do Dragon & Tiger qi qong, also taught by a student of a student of BK Frantzis (I can confirm that he's a . . . shall we say . . . VERY confident person, but he appears to know what he's talking about). I find that I need to go for a jog or otherwise move around and get warmed up before I can concentrate on anything slow and requiring concentration, is that normal? I have a lot of energy, so I was thinking ba gua would be cool because of the constant motion. Also, the idea of a form based on I Ching principles, so that you can instantly adapt to any change and manifest the eight energies at the drop of a hat, all very very appealing. But I think I'd have to practice hours a day, for years, to get to anywhere near the beginning of that level.
  7. I have an opportunity to take a two-day workshop that introduces the basics of Ba Gua as both a fighting form and for meditation purposes (walking the circle, basic palm changes). It will be taught by a senior student of Bruce Frantzis, who teaches in California and has written a bunch of books about Taoism and is supposedly a lineage holder in the Water Method of Taoist meditation and other things. So, 1. Does anyone here do Ba Gua? What experiences have you had with the meditative side of it? I have heard you can get quite far with it in regards to clearing out your energy body of blocks. 2. How effective is this as a fighting method? I've heard all sorts of grand things, such as that you can fight eight people at once! I'm sure that's after practicing for years and becoming quite advanced, but I am wondering how Ba Gua compares to other fighting techniques. Thank you so much.
  8. Hello fellow Bums, I've been reading this forum for a while now and thought I'd join. I am currently learning and practicing Dragon & Tiger qi qong, Taoist yoga, and Water method breathing. I am also interested in Jewish mysticism/meditation, which makes Taoism a good fit --- no deities to worship, so it's cool with my rabbi ;-). I have read extensively about various meditation traditions for academic pleasure (especially Tibetan Buddhism), but have only recently started my own practice. Baby steps . . . Keep breathing, Tethys