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  1. I would ask if there are any common side effects to the techniques
  2. Thanks aiwei, mat and everyone else for your replies. I think I will do some more (careful) work on the MCO now
  3. I don't mean to interrupt this thread and if it is off topic please ignore. It is a question for my own curiosity, relating to redirecting energy. It seems that the original poster is a bit like me at the moment - unable to..well..have non-ejaculatory orgasms (despite having been able to before). What took my interest was the recommendations earlier in this thread regarding qigong practice in order to achieve these. What I don't understand is, I knew nothing of qigong, I was just messing around inspired by this aimless document I found on the internet saying you could have multiple orgasms. And I just...well had them. And I've never ever been able to ever since, despite practicing for hours a day. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this - to have felt like they 'understood' how to stir up and move energy easily, and then suddenly, it disappears without a trace and you can never get it back
  4. Hi. Looking for a bit of advice

    Hi thelerner, cat, Well I ordered Mantak Chia's Awaken Healing Energy through the Tao and it arrived today. I know this book deals with energy circulation but I figured I'd read it all without practicing anything until I feel ready. I'm encouraged to see that there is a chapter devoted to side effects. Thanks for the links. With the UK one, Colwyn Bay is a bit of a way from me though (you happen to know a good place nearer Bristol?) Also I see that yoga classes abound around here. Anyone attend yoga classes?
  5. Hi. Looking for a bit of advice

    Hi Yoda, thanks very much for the reply. I've already suspended any of the stuff I was doing (man, never would have believed it would be so potent as to have after effects) and try with the walking and so on. Think I better read a book or two before I start messing around again
  6. Hi. Looking for a bit of advice

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could give me a few pointers. To be brief, I found a site that described how to have multiple male orgasms by tantra. So I followed the directions of visualising energy collecting the bottom of my spine and moving it upwards along the spine to the various chakras, whilst using deep belly breathing. I really wasn't expecting anything at all, as I was kind of sceptical of the concept, but I did feel the energy and I could visualise it moving. A few days later I experienced these multiple internal orgasms (followed by involuntary shaking for bout 10 minutes). Since then I've been fascinated with the concept of energy and the microcosmic orbit, and have been using sexual energy to circulate around the microcosmic orbit, and collecting energy at the various chakras and feeling the strange sensations associated with doing so. But now I think I'm a bit in trouble. I seem to be getting weird involuntary feelings of energy collecting where I don't want them to. The last 3 nights, I have had odd dreams and I keep waking up with a feeling of lots of tingling right between my eyes which sort of spreads down to my nose, and my heartbeat is around 90 bpm. It almost feels like I'm going to have a panic attack. Then this energy sometimes goes to the back of my skull and makes the neck feel tense. Basically I can't sleep for more than a few hours now. It's like I can't switch it off and I feel a bit frightened I've done some damage. Can anyone point me in the right direction? What have I done?? (PS Regardless of what I've done, I'm still fascinated to learn more.)