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  1. It Ego has a purpose. It a tool. Like a computer. it job is to math , read , work , ect. It thinks it is running the show. We are taught wrong from our time as little children. good example is we are asked how do you feel when we are young. We think emotioms and the phyical is us. Children should be ask what do you want to feel? Mind/ego body five senes emotions are all tools of the true conscieness. The true conscienceness should be running the show. Not the mind/ego body five senses, emotions. The ego/mind was created for this world of the phyical. The tao tries and does break the cycle if you pratice living the Tao everyday. The conscieness is of the soul , spirit, god , tao. We are the Tao every single one of us and every thing you see or think. There some stuff not mention. There a superconsciencess that is beyound our wildest dreams. Yes we are that. You can be a tree or a cat or a rock. IN fact you can be everything at was. IN fact you are. The superconscieness is filter down let say. In to a tiny brain in the phyical body. It loose so much by not being taught correctly when we are young. We all are one with the Tao. We are only becoming what we are already. No you don't loose or forgot anything. It like growing up. You still have the memories from being a child. You only have grown up. You are not the same person five years ago to now. We are always are changing and never really lose anything. The Toa is the same way. Nothing to fear about. Only the choice to fear. Fear does not run us unless we choose to.
  2. Do, Re, Mi...?

    The tao is a hand book for life and how to life. In between the line you will find much spiritual material. Reading and living what you read is a big key. The tao contains the deepest metaphyical truth. Your copy is the best to start from. If you are looking for true spiritual inlightment check out Jonathon Parker Pathway to mastership. It only online it a 12 cd set. You'll find many truths in both the tao and the pathway to mastership. Good luck.
  3. what dose the eye chakra do and dose.?

    The arms are like lighting. They flash just as loud and power. They never get any closer them 175 degrees. There never any sound. The presence of the power is like a cannon being shoot every few seconds. It's not scarey just power beyound words.
  4. About ten years ago I started to see this intense circle going from white to purple with two arms on it. I see this a lot when I mediate. I was told by a muslim friend who is long gone that only old people see the eye chakra. I must be mad. I am no yoga person found in the web very little. thanks for any help.
  5. How many people experience god?

    I been reading alot of the other fourms here. Many good ideas. A good mix of personalities. Very refreshing. Yes to Leirthefox. Your writtings has relations to my experiences. I'm not trying to bridge anything. I became aware of the grand pricture. The energy, harmory, balance, peace, the increditable power behind everything. It a state of conscience not for a second. You became aware of like the circle time line. It not just there sometimes. All the time. We the poeple aren't taught to be part of it let alone it exist.
  6. I have experience on many occasions a beauty state of harmony. Very hard to put in words. I let go all personal ideas and flow with the Tao. Other people experience things like this?
  7. As the topic title goes. I'm a newbie.Yes i'm looking for a spirtual group. All the groups I looked at are not spiritual. They either qout the bible not thinking or stuck on them self. I read many topics and replies and this feels more spiritual then the rest. I little about my self. I always been into spiritual of things. I studied buddha, same judism, kalaba, metaphsicist and the Tao De Ching. I never got into the power and control that most poeple get caught up in. I was 16 whan I first read the Tao translated by Micheal Steven. I remember telling my self after reading the Tao. This is a book to live by. Not to read one and never again. I been reading thinking about medationing on and trying to live the Tao. I have found it really helpful in all other spiritual works by other practices. By living the Tao the way I do I found alot of common ground between the major religions or practicings after studying them. I'll want to share my spiritual travels and see what others are doing and not doing. My first questions will be what is your deifintion of being spiritual? My it's being one with the Tao. That implies alot. Being fully aware of yourself and the I am or the Tao. Being in balance and harmory. Not just some of the time all the time. The most important part is love. Recieving and giveing it impersonally. It takes time, practice, medation and living it everyday. It a beautiful thing.
  8. Hi every buddy. I've be surfing the web looking for the right group.

  9. Past Lives Just a Myth?

    Hi hello. I'm new here. There seems to be all this confusing in past lifes. Is there really a past life or a future life? There is only the now. Yet the time line is a circle. Through mediations one can remember any past live. It kind of like playing a video tape. People definitly remember past lives.It depends on how well you tuned in to your subconscience.