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  1. Do you cease to exist ?

    I didn't know that engaging in sex with full awareness and full consciousness which also gives you full control of your dick is considered to be a messed up post. Or are most peeps in here too used to being cattle and food for higher dimensional entities?
  2. The "Dream"

    Man, the fruit makes me want to go to nature maybe even back to the dawn of time but in the modern world I will stay dodging the materialism, trash and grime Walking around in the tropical wilderness picking ripe fruits to eat everyday what a romanticnotion, but how ideal is it, no way, can’t be done some say Now I see the world as an illusion just like in The Matrix the movie everything I thought was natural is fake even down to a simply smoothie My mind is changing I want to get away from my modern culture I don’t want to study business so I can learn to swindle people like a vulture I want to walk in the sand enjoying the sun and perfect health not stressing out about how broke I am and how I am not building mega wealth So what do I do, do I relocate and go somewhere hot or do I stay here in this concrete jungle, this beautifully diverse melting potI just don’t know, I’m broke and as it is I’m just getting by would I survive in the tropics, hey, I will never know if I don’t try It sure is a tempting, romantic, idealistic thought though will it ever happen, hey, you know it just might, I guess I’ll never know I’ll just continue to dream of tropical trees, fruits and the sun in the sky and sort out later all the when’s, how’s, maybe’s, what for’s and why.
  3. Do you cease to exist ?

    how do you know you are enlightened? when you are fucking one of the most gorgeous women on this planet and yet you are able to prevent the release of your seed because you are engaging in sex with full consciousness and full awareness..
  4. Why am I so HAPPY I don't live in the "goddamned" west anymore?
  5. The most powerful person on earth is not the one with the biggest muscles or the tallest height or the most money or with the most political power. No the most powerful person on earth is the one with the strongest mind.
  6. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

    I took the first step out two years ago.
  7. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

    Then you must have made a really shitty hut. Why don't you ask those already living in the mountains for advice?
  8. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

    There are PLENTY of people living in the mountains. You might live alone and isolated but you can always rely on the nearest people for help. Teach them english and other vocabulary to compensate for ther time if you are indeed dirt poor.
  9. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

  10. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

    Let's be honest here. 99.999999999999999999999999% of the world's population can't become a mountain sage hermit cos they lack the will power to cut off their addiction to the internet and entertainment of the city life. And most importantly, most of humanity can't cut off their addictions to sex and good food which is why most can't leave the city life.
  11. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

    What does one need money for if one puts his faith in God? How rich do you need to be in order to lead a life as a mountain sage? it cost less than 1000 usd to build a simple hut in the mountains without any electricity and one does not need electricity if one lives in the mountains.. no air-conditioning needed nor is heating needed for you can always warm yourself using fire.. medicines? are u kidding me? any sickness can be cured by just water and the constant prayers of the medicine buddha and usnisa vijaya dharani.. food? i only eat vegs and fruits.. raw.. i am pretty sure i can grow them.. one only needs $10,000 usd plus brains to figure out the most cost-effective method of living in the asiatic mountains.. this is asia which we are talking about and not the west so if one plans to live as a mountain hermit on just $10,000 usd, he can go an extremely long way.. how many monks are there living in the nepalese, tibetab and himalayan mountains now? do you think they are all rich?
  12. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

    And to anyone in here who dare put me down and to anyone else in the world who dare put me down for "Escaping" the mudane world.. Yeah I am escaping being a human slave to society but what the fark can you all do about it?
  13. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

    It is funny. 5 years ago, my ambition was to become a multi-billionaire who owns more than 10 girlfriends, more than a hundred cars, more than a few hundred properties .. Now my ambition is to live simply in an isolated hut in the Asian mountains becoming one with God cut off from all of humanity and the rest of the world.. From tommorrow onwards, I will take my first step into making my destiny as an Isolated Hermit Mountain Sage into a reality. I will find the most isolated spot in the mountains somewhere in Asia and live in the hut without electricity and other major appliances. I might have a deep cycle battery and solar panels though to power up my laptop but other than that i don't need anything else. No fridge as i will buy my organic veges and fruits from local tribes, no air-conditioning needed as I live in the mountains where it is cooler, a small fireplace to heat up my hut in the winter and i will bath myself using a sprayer bottle, a tub and hot water from the kettle from my fireplace.. I will meditate and chant for at least 6-12 hours a day, no phones or internet to hook me up with the rest of the world, no bars, no restaurants, no tv, no radio, no women, no alcohol, no drugs, nothing of the filthy city life found all over this earth.. Just Pure God Consciousness and nothing else..
  14. You Are ... Me

    I will never ask you again to lend me your power. Or not to be in my way. And I won't tell you again to fight together with me. I will fight on my own. Thank you. You are ..... Me.