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  1. First step on the longest road.

    After different experiences with different people and styles, I've started practicing Falun Gong. In just one month it brought me huge physical and spiritual changes all in the best. It is all I ever needed and my words are useless to express the wonder that Falun Dafa is. Thank you again for your help
  2. First step on the longest road.

    I managed to get both Qi qong: roots of health and longevity, and Way of Energy. I will keep praticing the Zhan Zhuang, after fully understooding the books, I think I could incorporate both of them. While I would love to study with an instructor at the moment, because practice is what I lack the most, they are a bit out of reach for me at the moment. Shenlong, the wisdom in your words is echoing in my ears. Once again, thank you for your help.
  3. First step on the longest road.

    After doing some Zhan Zhuang exercises for a week or so, I've started to have a nasty pain in the left side of my head only and it's pretty permanent, medicine don't help too much. Could it be from energy blockages or I'm paranoid ? What do you think folks ? The books from amazon didn't arrived yet. (I'm so nervous about it)
  4. First step on the longest road.

    Thank you everyone for your help, I will take some time to assimilate the info received. Best wishes everyone.
  5. First step on the longest road.

    I managed to talk with Jesse, next are the books,I don't own a credit card thou, but I shall find a way.(I always tried to live my life outside of the system at least mentally) When I practiced today the stand like a tree posture, I managed to play with the tension in my arms swinging it from left to right hand with my attention (I am amazed about it) but does my focus should be somewhere in particular ?
  6. 30 days of Rawn Clark's Archaeous

    Can you start this meditation with no experience ?
  7. First step on the longest road.

    @gemstone I tried the first Zhan Zhuang exercise, standing like a tree and I felt something in my hands (my imagination, my spine problems or something else, I was told I have a strong bio energy by a masseur once, yet I didn't knew what he meant. (Sorry if my questions seem retarded) @Effilang if there's a teacher in Tokyo that you guys recommend I'd be happy to have a talk with him, is his name simply Jesse on the forum and is Tao yin a good and strong style to start with ? Because my spine problems and bad posture I think someone to help me with postures is neccessary. @joeblast I will check your info about breathing, my japanese is also non existent but I will find a way to reach mister Kan, I bet he is an English speaker.
  8. Because of my faulty condition I came to the conclusion that I have to step on a different road I'm a recently awaken fellow who has some yin blockages in my solar plexus and I'm looking for more then a solution, I'm looking for a new way of life. I need some suggestions so I can start building the base of my tower, I don't have too much experience with qi (chi, ki) but I understand some of it's principles, also breathing it's important, I don't know anything about it yet also. I want to adopt a training method that could help me increase my internal qi and my capabilities of controlling it, to the point that I can use it externally to heal others and protect me and my dearest (I have no interest in the martial part of it, but I think they are intertwined until a point). I am living in tokyo now and I don't know where to start from, I'd pick up a dvd but I found out this could go wrong if practiced without a masters guidance, I know there are some schools around but I'm afraid that they could teach only form without substance, but if someone knows an amazing teacher that would truly be a blessing. It's a big decision for me and I wanna get it right from the start, any guidance even some books that would introduce me to the right way of thinking are welcomed. I know there's plenty of material around the board but I don't know if that's the right one. But if it's a strong path that start with dvds and I wouldn't refuse it. For a start it would also be awesome if someone is willing to tutor me via 30day-30mins program that you have. Peace and happiness.
  9. Tsunami_MAPUA

    Hello Tsunami_Mapua, welcome to the board, we as newbies on this forum need 5 posts to have access to the entire board.
  10. I want to overthrow the System.

    There's a system inside another system, inside another system .
  11. Hello travelers.

    Thank you for your kind welcome and fast advice.
  12. Free: Two free Kindle Books on Tao

    Thanks for sharing mate.
  13. Hello travelers.

    I'd like to greet everyone around here, I'm simple fellow who tries to learn more about ancients arts.I'm 24 years old, born catholic but not very religious or spiritual person, yet, I think I'd like to become more attuned to my roots. I have a situation that brought me to this forum, in my chest, around my solar plexus my japanese friend said I have too much yin (or negative energy ?)energy that is causing me troubles, and I have to balance or remove it. He said that yoga or qiqong can help me deal with it myself, so I arrived here trying to find some guidance. There is someone who can help with some guidance in the art of qi qong ( or anything similiar), a comprehensive guide that I can find on the internet, so I can start practice and hopefully feel better. Thank you very much.