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  1. I'a newbie here. I been looking a a spiritual group.

    Spirituality is like a stream we can not precicely describe,that man feels fulfilled when he clings to it,fulfilling the emptiness of his thirst,it is what all beings seek,and materialism and lust is the symptom of a thirsty soul.
  2. I want to overthrow the System.

    To see true change in the world,it must first come from withwin,the fact that you are changed,you will operat in the world with the basis of that mindset.
  3. Qi: Evolution & Entropy

    Entropy always makes way for new life
  4. I greet you fellow humans

    I know of this forum for a few years and i think it is time that i made an account here to share our wisdom and experience and walk further into our path of life,i am joyful to be part of the experience you all share on this forum,thank you. dan