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  1. 400 Words on the Gold Elixir

  2. 100 Day Gong completion

    I have no unusual feelings.
  3. 100 Day Gong completion

    Hey all, I thought it might be interesting to tell the bums about my experience after completing 100 days of semen retention. Now, I am in a committed relationship and could not risk an unhappy lady. So I did not remain celibate, however, I did use sexual qigong in order to keep myself from ejaculating while still having the pleasurable experience of orgasm. Of course, a little leakage here and there occurred but I never had a full out ejaculation. All that said, I feel amazing. My back pain and joints don't feel sore after the day is up. In fact, I never realized how much strain and damage a day takes on the young body. Even after going for runs, physical fatigue isn't as deep. The body is also softer, yet more durable. Will you enter the void or experience anything called enlightenment after completing the gong test? I don't know. Why keep the expectations high? I am just saying for physical purposes and well-being, it seems to help (or be one hell of a placebo!)
  4. For Xunzi, When I first began to experience the play of the externalized chi through the 'chi ball' techniques, I was just waving my hands in and out slowly with the use of physical muscle only. As I paid more attention to the movement itself, a thin magnetic pull began to manifest itself. For a while, the magnetic pull would come some days, then disappear for other days. Eventually, the magnetism became thicker and I could control its frequency, using energy alone to propel and contract my hands, arms, legs, body, etc. Essentially, just allow the movement to reveal more subtle layers of energy. Concentrating too hard on 'making something happen' will be the first obstacle. Just remain sensitive to the feel of air between your palms as you move your hands in and out- expanding and contracting the chi ball. Use as little muscle as possible. With patience, practice, and loving acceptance of yourself- the internal energy will make itself known, then come under your conscious control. You will be able to push and pull energy with the mind alone and without muscular force.
  5. Void experience

    Hello, I wanted to write and get some feedback on an experience that happened just moments ago. I sat down to meditate and entered a weird state. The precursors to this state of consciousness were feelings of openness and a bit of expansion. I was connected to all of that invisible space. Before I could finish my mediation, I found myself looking into pure nothingness. Literally staring into emptiness. I decided to stay with the nothingness so I dissolved my awareness of my physical body and noticed that I was watching emptiness, yet there was no one there to be a watcher. Intellectually I knew I was still sitting on my floor, but for those brief moments, I was watching nothing as nothing. That same nothingness is always around. I can feel it as I type. It become more pronounced when I am running or in some kind of pain. It is the backdrop for which all of those events, movements, emotions, feelings of pain/pleasure, thoughts, etc. take place in our lives. This experience was not as dramatic as others who say they entered a state called "The Void". Others say they literally leave the body in order to hang out that wondrous realm. My experience was different as mental thoughts, though mitigated, were still somewhat present. For example, the statement, "Peer into the dimension of the dimensionless", popped into my head. I think it was my voice. Does this sound anything like your experience with the Void? Thank you.
  6. I merely practice accepting each moment as if I chose it. Even negative thoughts and emotions are a part of the journey. They are welcome, too.
  7. Magnetism or Electricity

    Greetings All, I've stumbled into a small rut a moment ago. After a Tai Chi session, I was thinking about all that magnetic power that flows through the body, lifting the limbs and providing the internal power necessary to move in lieu of external muscular power. Today, I learned that Magnetism and Electricity are inextricably linked. "The interaction between magnetism and electricity is called electromagnetism. The movement of a magnet can generate electricity. The flow of electricity can generate a magnetic field". Read more: It is this power that I have assumed is what allows for healing and martial application. However, some sources say that you should be able to feel clear electricity feelings running throughout your body. They also suggests that only Jing is useful for externalizing internal power, not chi. That said, I would like to know if it is this magnetic feeling that gets transferred into the nervous system of another person for healing and martial applications? Or, does this magnetic power need to be transformed into something else, like electricity? Liao and other suggests doing condensing breathing to generate Jing. I do not really like to because it lowers my bodies capacity to fight off bacteria. I am basically asking if Qigong is enough or does some other method need to be employed to access internal power? Thank you
  8. The race thing is interesting. This question assumes that being born in a socially "inferior" "race" is a bad thing. All things being vibrational and consisting of both good and bad, being born 'Black' in America may turn out to be a boon for spiritual growth. This is due to learning early in life the fragility of the human condition and human suffering and seeking a way out. And it is about timing. All members of our species were Black Africans for 140,000/ 200,000 years of our existence. Lighter skinned individuals began to appear as we spread out of Africa 60,000 years ago. The enlightened masters that were sure to exists prior to the Buddha were Black Africans. Our differences are never and have never been the problem. The issue has always been that one monster we all share- a mind that seeks to categorize and classify things/people as 'good' or 'bad'.
  9. Does anyone know how to connect deeply and move through the physical and chi bodies into the Astral, Mental, Causal, Body of Individuality, and Body of the TAO? My thing is, when your deep in meditation, and everything starts to feel all open and spacious, how do you know what level of Being you have reached? Thank you
  10. To Seeker of Tao: An obstacle for me is in clinging to new 'spiritual souvenirs'. Your post was helpful. Thank you
  11. Interesting stuff. Heath, I think you are spot on! I can only connect with that vast space when I am present and in the moment. In complete "I AM" presence. I know that this vast space is consciousness, but I have yet to realize it as such. It feels separate even though it is so close, runs through everything, and is the reference point for which all thoughts, emotions, actions, inside/out, theirs/yours/mine are recognized. It is also easier to connect with the emotional or stuff of "others" using the space. Probably not because "I am connecting to them" so to speak, but because I am recognizing the Greater Self in 'them/us' and feeling from that perspective. To the point about feeling as though consciousness spreads through the space: It feels as if my internal consciousness can spread out to meet this space when I move into the Astral realm. In the Astral realm, the space is a bit easier to identify with as "I AM" because wherever there is space or form, there is consciousness. I mean, you can go anywhere because you are already everywhere... So we call it nowhere. It is my practice, now, to loosen the grip of form identity and realize more of space/consciousness identity. As to your point about knowing without thinking: Spot on! There are moments during out of body experiences where entire languages can be understood using pure knowing power. To call it a power is a bit dramatic, but I believe you know what I am saying. It is like having perfect intuition. I cannot say that I have access to this while I write this, but it is who we all are at the core. You have identified it in your post. Thank goodness for this online community. One can begin to think they are going nuts if they cannot share with others. I am interested in light transmission. What is it about? I've recently become interested in Maharashi, a being that was said to "know" everything. Since he was fully realized, I believe he simply knew things without seeking. Thank you
  12. Thank you, Heath. These were my thoughts, as well. Have you ever connected with the Void by meditating on this empty space that surrounds, engulf, and is within all things?
  13. There is stillness all around, now. I imagine it has always been there. Both inside my body, your body, and all the 'space' that seperates us and everything else. What is interesting about this empty stillness is that it can act as a medium for consciousness to travel through. I am not sure if the stillness and consciousness are mutually exclusive sources. It is through this space that I am able to connect with other sentient beings, feeling their energy, transmitting my own, etc. It is possible, I believe, to stay in contact with this empty stillness all day without mental strain. To wear it within you. In fact, this stillness seems to exists seperately from intellectual cogitation entirely. I know you must know what I am speaking of. What do you call it? Is it the seat of the eternal? Is this the 'void' that I am sensing from within my own body? Again, thank you for the time and consideration
  14. Buddhist & Taoist Cultivation

    Effilang, I just feel like the notion of doing "good" may be a bit overplayed at times. All events are vibrational and you do not create any good without some measure of bad as well. There are people who do not have a really complicated internal practice, yet their power is phenomenal. If one Buddhist you met became enlightened, I just cannot imagine that enlightened one being upset at not having done something differently. And, to be honest, if a person achieves enlightenment this lifetime around, I don't think they will care how much martial and healing power they have or how powerful their chi flow and body is. I hope you find what you are seeking. The topic of this post is something I have been thinking about for a long time. Thank You. Shawn
  15. Empty Force

    Hello, Yeah, empty force is real. While I have not seen it done to knock people over, I know it is useable. I have remedial skill in this style. You need intention and developed chi energy. Place your spirit within the target, then send out you energy which will emit in waves, gently pushing your subject (It needs to be a person). My teacher and I practice this on occassion. I don't know if I will ever be able to knock people out, but I know the concept is real. Hope that helps, Shawn