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  1. i heard that in the past people used to live much longer and were taller. that this was because the atmosphere was different, it had 30-35% oxygen as oppose to todays 22-24% and lower in more polluted less green areas. also the atmosphere had a water vapor layer that helped block the sun radiation. this is why i will fill my living space and work place with plants and get an oxygen machine for home. as for the radiation, better to be in a place with more cloud cover or plants to take the direct sunlight. google search: oxygen concentrator.
  2. Hi, Did anyone try or hear of a positive or negative experience with injected HGH? I couldn't find details or credible experiences after an hour of searching. I am interested to know if it can improve tendon strength. DE
  3. Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc.

    How to Good-bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way? by Hiroyuki Nishigaki
  4. Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc.
  5. The Cool Picture Thread

    (moving pictures with sound)
  6. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

  7. The Cool Picture Thread

    ivanpah largest solar thermal power plant
  8. The Cool Picture Thread

    christmas spider. (note: i dont know the details but i heard it's harmless to play with and only comes out during christmas.
  9. The Cool Picture Thread

    sand under a microscope
  10. 2012: The End of the World

    here it is i found it!
  11. Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc.

    dynamic meditation: simplified condensed version: what i do when i'm depressed: original instructions: the osho vibe song on spotify OshO – Third Stage ======= ====== ===== ==== alexander lowen: confidence exercise (the bow): interview snippets: ======= ===== === william reich room: ======== ====== ===== TED talk body position effect on the mind: ===== === ==
  12. Anti-Anxiety Music

    nice anti anxiety music i found, please share any similars. s.
  13. Anti-Anxiety Music

    thanks for your good contributions to the thread. here is a very nice acapella by Club of Five called "Wan Wan De Yue Liang" another nice one by club of five: brother in arms
  14. Anti-Anxiety Music

    u can also listen to them without the app i think Lucid Dreaming World-Collective Unconscious Mind – Out of Body Musical Experience Lucid Dreaming World-Collective Unconscious Mind – Lucid Dream
  15. Anti-Anxiety Music

    best relaxing classical i found so far also check out spotify, it is an awesome itunes alternative app where u login with facebook and listen to all music free, (1 flat payment option for higher quality with available offline option, (there is another app to record them as mp3s)). Lucid Dreaming World-Collective Unconscious Mind – Lucid Dreaming - Pure Music for Lucid Dreaming LUCID DREAMING playlist Natacha Atlas – Nomadic Sky also for more upbeat random stuff for spacing out check out Gold Panda Gold Panda – You Gold Panda – Kalimba_pedal_improv_stem and here is something with lyrics that are easy to memorise and a catchy repettative theme Pete Seeger – Skip to My Lou Nat King Cole – Skip To My Lou - 1987 Digital Remaster reggae music: reggae to relax
  16. Anti-Anxiety Music

    2 songs from royksopp
  17. Anti-Anxiety Music

  18. Seeking an Outline on Taoist Practices

    Bump. Outlines are important.
  19. Anti-Anxiety Music

    there was a link here for a youtube called zen garden (removed by user).
  20. What are you listening to?

    this guy deserves some kind of recognition and an award of some kind because I've been mesmerized by this for hours. more where i first heard it:
  21. Taoist music playing

    Bumping this old thread and adding something. Learning a musical instrument can be great for health and taoism, I always wanted to learn so I was searching for instruments that are easy to learn and transport and found these two. and the bamboo ocarina (ocarina's in general)
  22. Blacktaoist Baguazhang in new video game

    thanks for sharing, good instructional videos in the related side bar.