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  1. esangha alternative

    Thanks for your reply, yes I have several teachers, I am generally not that interested in forums but found the Tibetan Buddhist section of the esangha forum helpful for keeping up to date with what teachers were giving teachings, upcoming events ect, the forum has been down for several months now and I was just wondering if there was an alternative. Cheers James.
  2. esangha alternative

    Thanks for your help, unfortunately I am a (absolutely hopeless) practitioner of the Vajrayana and Dzogchen traditions as found in Tibetan Buddhism, so while I love all Buddhism its not the relevant forum for me in relation to news of upcoming events, teachings ect. Cheers James.
  3. esangha alternative

    Hi there all, Wondering if any off you know of an alternative buddhist forum to esangha as it has been down for several months now, I used the Tibetan Buddhism section to keep up to date with events/teachings, general info, questions ect, any leads would be appreciated. Cheers James.
  4. I personally dont think it is important, if you love someone and they understand you and your path you can have a beautiful relationship together, in my experience you fall in love and stay in love with someone you have a strong connection with, as long as they understand that you need to do practice ect and they are not against it, however i think its important to have contact with people who are spiritually like minded because that energy is positive for your practice and helps you stay focused rather than getting caught up in the normal worldly mundane stuff. You really need to use your awareness with this one, but the main thing is to do practice and integrate that into your life, if you are able to do that with the person you are with then its fine, it can be easy to play little mind games with yourself on these issues, in any relationship spiritual or otherwise there is always sacrifices. On the other side of the coin couples following the similar path can become a little intense, come on we've all seen them slightly neurotic uptight, their relationship problems become intertwined with spiritual reasoning, it can get ugly. anyways hope something ive added helps peace james
  5. I've decided to give up diet soda

    Hi there, not sure where you hail from but i am visiting SF at the moment and they have this great beverage at all the health food stores here its called GT's Kombucha tea, comes in a bunch of flavours organic really naturally fizzy full of B vitamins, gluconic acid, friendly bacteria and yeasts DELICIOUS and really good for you, a lot of people also make their own, all you need is a starter fungus, tea and sugar, ends up like a fizzy iced tea, you may be able to find a starter fungus through your local health food store or online for free, its good to have a healthy substitute when your are giving up something, i would say at the very least try switching to regular soda made with cane sugar, to save yourself from the aspartane, hope this helps - james.
  6. Taiji Transmissions seminar with Sifu Adam Mizner

    Hi all, on a teachers in aus side note Chen Xiaowang actually lives in Sydney, i think he migrated there in the nineties, i dont think he teaches there really though, as he is generally travelling the world teaching Chen style Tai Chi, i think his wife and son sometimes teach in Sydney though.
  7. Help me

    Hey there, fire horses are rare and brilliant creatures, i am lucky enough to have a sister who is a firehorse and some friends also, they seem to have insatiable energy and creativity, funnily enough i read somewhere that the Chinese considered fire horses bad luck for the family and tried to avoid having them? not sure if thats true or not, as for brisbane i grew up there, and at a certaint point just had to get the hell out of there and havent lived there since, mabey its just the hometown thing but it seemed to have this energy that made it dificult for people to progress, i still go back there now and see people doing the same thing they were doing ten years ago, back in the day when it was much more sleepy it was a good place to hang out and do nothing though, i have been enjoying the change of energy with the ox compared to the rat, i have moved back up to queensland in the last couple of years -sunshine coast and am hoping to start commuting to brisbane to train at a Cheng Ming school that i think is in salisbury anyways just wanted to say peace and that i know how bris bring you down james
  8. Prostate problems and cultivation

    hi there, i found some good stuff on the prostate, ie prostate massage ect in relation to retention on trunks blog- alchemicaltaoism.com cheers james
  9. any cool heartburn remedies?

    Hi there Yoda, I would recommend the book ' Unwinding the Belly ' as a more long term solution to this problem, its a gem of a book.
  10. Normals Just Don't Care...

    The phrase 'casting pearls before swine' certainly comes to mind, this is why it is really important to have spiritual brothers and sisters on the path, to nurture and remind you of what is truly important in this crazy relentless world VIRTUE!
  11. Anyone tried Colonblow?

    Hi all, Colonblow, sounds like the title of a porno! seriously though i got quite into my colon a few years back and ended up doing a seven day fast combined with self administered colonics, i used what is known as a colema board which is a gravity fed colonic device, i got all the stuff for the fast in a kit from bernard jensen international, so for seven days i didnt have any solid food but drank cleanse shakes which was liquid bentonite clay, physillium powder and freshly juiced apples, shaken up together i would drink about five or six of them a day + some apple cider vinegar and honey drinks + dried alphalfa tabs + vitamin c + a shitload of digestive ennzymes oh yeah and numerous niacin flushes throughout the day as well, its all coming back now like a bad dream! anyways the whole things designed to get all the impacted shit out of your colon, and man the stuff just kept coming out, im not a big dude either, so that was fun, the other thing i discovered in the last couple of years that can be combined with a fast is oxymag oxygen magnesium supplement theres a few different brandnames, that stuff will clear you out too, the thing that im into these days though is proper gut health through beneficial bacteria and fermented products, if you have enough good bacteria in your gut and you replenish it daily and eat a reasonable diet you colon should stay clean and healthy, and definately the self massage/abdominal breathing/energy clearing/qi gong/asanas stuff, there is a brand of fermented beverage produced near where i live called grainfields its like a fermented non alcoholic beneficial bacteria/yeast drink the companys run by a microbiologist anyway somebody who knows this guy was telling me that the microbiologists wife had to have some sort of surgery and during the operation they accidently nicked her colon and so they had to do a colonoscopy to see what to do and they were absolutely amazed at how clean and free of impacted matter her colon was, so her and her husband attributed it to how much of this fermented stuff she had drunk over the years! Another thing that i find with colonics and things that purge downwards like oxymag oxy cleanse ect is that from an energetic point of view they can weaken the digestive energy and the upward moving qi of the body, the qi that holds things in place ie pelvic floor, anal sphincter ect, so depending on the person cleansing the colon through colonics, purgatives probably good to do infrequently
  12. Tea

    Oh yeah, there was another thing i wanted to put in my post but forgot, i have definately noticed lots of rip off style merchants selling tea on the internet and elsewhere touting miraculous claims ect, knowing a bit about Chinese herbs and tea and how much some of these places actually buy this stuff for you realize what an incredible mark up is occuring!
  13. Tea

    Hi there all, Pu-erh tea is one type of tea that aids digestion and is used as a weight loss tea, it is also delicious and one of my favorites, it pretty much only comes from Yunnan province in China, there is a good overview of it here- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pu-erh_tea Someone also mentioned Bonjemi tea, this is also from China and is another good one, here in aus it is sold quite cheaply at asian grocery stores in loose leaf and bags, so i guess it would be cheap in the states to if thats where you are, its basically tea with a bunch of Chinese digestive herbs thrown in. For everyone interested in Chinese tea ie green, white, oolong, pu-erh i found a great ebay store, its basically a western guy who is studying Chinese Medicine in China and makes his money selling tea, he seems to really know his tea and has heaps on sale for very reasonable prices, the postage is a bit though, less if you live in aus but more if you live in america, im yet to order any off him though, but its cool to check out all the tea he's got! mainly pu-erh- http://stores.ebay.com/Yunnan-Sourcing-LLC I love tea!
  14. Remove fluoride from water supply

    Hi there all, Durkhrod, to my knowledge flouride is very difficult to actually filter out using any method, for drinking/cooking i would suggest a water tank, i guess this depends on wether you live in a flat or a house, if u live in a flat your screwed! but if you live in a house and are worried about cost or are renting you could just get a big plastic barrel or container with a spigot in it stick it under the down pipe and you're away... to remineralize rain water or filtered water i use minplus a type of organic full mineral spectrum rock dust thats mined from a quarry in innisvale qld you want the fine grade it doesnt have many distributors but if u email them they will give you the suppliers for the brisbane area, they sell it as a natural fertilser but alot of people take it internally in aus mainly body electronics enthusiasts, its only $15 for 10kg and i usually just put a couple of pinches in so its very inexpensive, i myself live in a flat on the sunshine coast in qld so will soon have to resort to visiting my mother for my drinking/cooking supply she has well and rain water, as for showering/bathing dont have long ones or you could even resort to the thrifty indian bucket wash method, anyways hope this helps james