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  1. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    So what's up with my legs getting shaky while doing GOT I ?
  2. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    ok, thanks for the input. i was trying it out because it was suggested by a friend that teaches kundalini yoga but i wasn't feeling a real resonance with those practices in general. i'll back off and just keep going with GoT until the workshop.
  3. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    o.k. thanks Michael
  4. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    i've been practicing a particular kundalini kriya (a meditative exercise) that consists if repeatedly pumping the belly at the area of the lower dantian (right below the navel). this kriya is designed to stimulate the rising of the kundalini in a gradual manner by starting at 3 minutes per day, adding a minute every day or so, and gradually increasing the length of time up to 31 minutes. my question is, is the above considered a "forced method" or will it interfere with S-M practice?
  5. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    A couple of questions: I've heard Michael talk about how the only incompatible methods with S-M are "forced methods". Can someone explain what a forced method is and give some examples??? Also, I just received GoT II and SECA... on it, he recommends doing GoT I for a few months prior to GoT II or SECA. What is the reason for this? I'm assuming that the moves are more powerful but what exactly could occur if one proceeded ahead of time (not that I'm going to... just curious ) ?
  6. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    cool thanks brian
  7. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    that sounds amazing. i can't wait to get started!
  8. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    wow. yes, thanks for that response. i really love hearing how practices such as this create such change. now i'm even more anxious to get started... but i'll try to keep calm in the meantime . congrats on the hair growth haha
  9. Hi All, I've been lurking here for a while, mostly reading and soaking in all the info I can find on S-M Neigong... I've meditated for years and dabbled in qigong but never found a system that fit. I've had interest in healing (I'm a massage therapist), Taoism, Shamanism, and energy cultivation practices. After reading about S-M and the remarkable stories of healing, as well as reading Michael's book and practicing some GoT, I felt in my gut that I needed to pursue S-M and so I'm anxiously awaiting the next workshop... I am still curious though about how those of you that practice S-M have seen changes manifest in yourselves and your lives... I've heard a lot about the healing and energy aspects but was wondering if I could coax some to share about the personal growth that the system has given them... Thanks in advance
  10. Does anyone know if there Qigong/Neigong breathing exercises meant for increasing one's energy cultivation/circulation similar to the ones found in Kundalini Yoga?
  11. Just the sitting standing SMQ. Just ordered GOT DVD... I haven't been to a workshop but want to go soon. I've just pieced together the practice from what I read in Michael's book... I do have some physical pain symptoms that seem like fascial unraveling..... also sometimes I move very little... Not sure if I'm doing it "right" but something is happening.... Thanks Brian for your reply.
  12. I'm new to SMQ but have been practicing an hour daily. I was wondering if anyone experiences any emotional or mental upheaval doing this system?? It seems I will feel fine and do it a couple of days and then feel generally crappy and want to take a day off... Any advice or ideas?
  13. Questions...

    Thanks everyone, very helpful stuff.
  14. Questions...

    One other thing... I know that sitting in full lotus on Earth helps one absorb yin qi, but how do i get yang...? Am I correct in thinking that it is yang that I should first fill the lower dantien with?