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  1. Mysteries of the Life Force

    Hi Bindo I read this book over the Christmas holidays and really enjoyed it. There are no Qi Gong excercises in here but a lot about Qi Gong, the benefits and a personal account of Peter Meech's apprenticeship with his Qi Gong Master. I found the story inspiring and motivating. Above all its very readable, I highly recommend it.
  2. Solstice journey in Oxfordshire

    i took my 4 year old to the Clifton Hampeden fete on saturday and a brisk walk around Wittenham clumps on Sunday. Zhixing and Zhendi Wang used to live very close to the hill and Zhendi had remarked that the location had the power and feel similar to a 'holy mountain'. Interestingly the hill is very c lose to Mount Vernon where Bach Flower remedies are made (brightwell-cum-sotwell) im generally not a big reader but have got a copy of 'The Sun & Serpent'. i went to a talk in Abingdon a few years back and by overlaying an ohp slide of Benedictine Abbeys over a UK ley line map - you can see that nearly all are situated on lines of 'power'. Spires were the new ley markers!
  3. Hello to all

    Hi Patrick Yes, and it looks like the 4 of us live in a 30 mile radius. Small world.... inner & outer smiles chris
  4. Hello to all

    Hello Russell It's Chris from Henley, how are things? Im a new member here as well, i like the articles/discussions. Love Chris