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  1. Hello_again rene!

    Hello rene, Thanks for insisting. This my 5th post. It is dedicated to you and your friendly welcome. Have a nice day !
  2. Hello_again rene!

    Thanks Rene and others for your concern. I am not sure the requirement of 10 posts in the Lobby before being able to post elsewhere will help this forum. I didn't see anything like that in fora like Dharmawheel and they don't seem to suffer from spammers. It will perhaps discourage spammers but it may also discourage people like me. The Lobby doesn't seem to be a place where lively discussions occur. I can of course make ten posts with "Hi welcome here", but what's the point? Once bitten twice shy, as we say.
  3. Hello_again rene!

    Thanks for answering my last post/topic,rene Actually I can start topics in the Lobby section (the only place where I can do that), but can't even reply to them, hence this new topic to have a bit of conversation with you. I can wait indefinitely. Frankly said, I lived 40 years without TTB, so I can go on as long I am given the gift of Life. But, between you and me, this system is a little weird. Best wishes
  4. Hello_ again?

    Hello, I have created an account and posted into the Lobby section ,but I can't post into the General discussion. I am missing something? I would be glad to receive some help from you guys/gals Thanks
  5. Hello

    Hello, I am new here. I created an account in order to post some questions about my practice of FPCK. Best,