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  1. Hello everyone

    Hi Basher , Jambonsambo is a childhood joke name in my family , jambon bein g the french for ham , sambo being an irish nickname for sandwich , so hamsandwich really , the irony being that im a veggie! I found a very good lecture on taoism on you tube which has been keeping me going
  2. Hello everyone

    Hi there , I am happy to have found this online community . I am looking forward to reading and chatting and learning . I have recently discovered Taoism and instantly loved it . I came across the Tao of pooh and the Tao te Ching and they really resonated with me especially the concept of wu wei . I have been studying chen style tai chi in a great tai chi school for the last three years and I am really enjoying it . Look forward to discussing things with people here especially topics like tai chi and living a natural life . Thanks for reading , Jambon