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  1. Auditory hallucinations

    Hey, Im not here to crush anyones veiws on the spiritual side of things. But Energy work and visualizations affect the body in a very scientific and chemical way (which ultimately affect the spirit). There are reasons he is hearing things scientifically. And that is probably because he is doing too much energy work and temporarily throwing off the subtle balance of the brain. So, if spiritually it has been unsettling to him, from a spiritual standpoint he should recognize that it is him who is causing it. (which it seems like he has) The sirens probably have no meaning spiritually. They only have a meaning if you allow them to. If you start giving them meaning, that brings focus to them and they become developed in the mind from a creative standpoint. If he is trying to get rid of them... this is the last thing he should do... This is just my outlook, not trying to judge anybody or crush anybodies opinions. Just putting that view out there becase I know (at least from my experiences) trying to figure out why they were manifesting from a spiritual standpoint would only make them a bigger deal than they were. It is simply a temporary imbalance. I mean from a spiritual standpoint, that matches up doesnt it? Ultimately it is his practices that are causing them.. he said they seem to go away whenever he doesnt do any energy work. (haha maybe he is even hearing sirens as a warnign of doing too much... could be a theory)..Best of luck to you OP. Im sure you'll be fine whichever road you take.. maybe subconsiously the sirens do have a significant meaning..... who knows... only you can figure it your self....theres plenty of time to get it figured out and plenty of options at your disposal. Much respect to you Owledge. = D
  2. Auditory hallucinations

    Also, I would like to add. Stay away from any type of energy work or visualizations or spiritual methods to get rid of it. All of these things require imagination (the right brain) , or visualization , they are an idea that can only work if you are using the creative juices in the brain to manifest them in your body. Dont do this. Its the creative juices that are causing these hallucinations. Just be a normal human being for a while and your body will most likely rebalance itself naturally. You can also go to the doctor and have them check some levels. Especially b12 and vitamin D. If these are on the low side .. hallucinations can manifest. Also, if eventually you can;t get it figured out. try getting a neurological test which measures the chemical balance of the neurological chemicals in the brain. Ultimately it is these chemicals which are responsible for mental balance and unbalance. Mental imbalances manifest themselves as depression, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia. Since we know your symptoms are caused by energy work, I wouldnt be too concerned that you have any of these illnesses. Technically you are probably experiencing the symptoms of one of these illnesses but its not because there is something wrong with your brain... Its just temporarily out of balance due to the energy work... much like your stomach would be out of balance if you ate a whole bunch of spicy food and got diarheaa..... = D So dont stress = D ...its a very cause and effect situation
  3. Auditory hallucinations

    Hey, I recently activated my kundalini and have during the initial uproar and surge of energy this happened to me. I wouldnt hear things while I was awake but If I closed my eyes and I was kind of in a kundalini daze I could start to hear music in my head as if I had headphones on. It wasnt faint.... it sounded pretty real. The best thing to do is just recognize it as your creative mind being temporarily juiced up. Dont freak out about it. It will only make it worse because you will force your attention to it everytime it happens. The instant it happens just ignore it. get up and move. Start thinking logically. Engage yourself as much as possible so your attention isnt somewhere inside your body.... The reason why the sound stops when you focus on the left temporal lobe is probably not due to the left brain processing sound. It is probably because you are engaging the left brain which is responsible for logical thought and reason. When you put your attention there... you take away juice form the right brain which is the creatvie brain responsible for things like you would be describing. (or at least from what im researching on the net) What you are experiencing is a real auditory hallucination. And technically if it lingers it would probably be a problem. But it is probably only temporary and is due to too much energy being cultivated and has something to do with the chemicals in the brain...... probably the same ones responsible for things like REM sleep and dreams. Do your best to start doing something and shoo it away so to speak the instant it happens. deny it. Dont focus on it. slap yourself.... start thinking logically....start moving.... take a cold shower.... And definitely do not do any energy work until the problem resolves. Even if you feel like it... Get out. Talk to people. Laugh.Take a walk... Engage your left brain. You should be fine. But don't pay attention to it. = D
  4. Some Questions about Kundalini management for a newbie ; )

    Thanks for the info perciever! Everywhere I inquire this is whats recomended. I guess I have yet to try it because I am afriad of the dopey feeling. When you say it has reduced your side effects does this mean you are feeling bliss and stopeed pain or does this mean it has reduced both? Just wondering... I've been looking for the answer to this question but haven't been able to find a direct answer. Maybe you can finally tell me! = D
  5. Some Questions about Kundalini management for a newbie ; )

    lol, it rlly does. Sorry to hear about your dilemas Hydrogen. Glad you have seemed to gotten it under control. Hey @Simpleton, you mentioend seratogenics made your kundalini worse? What do you mean by this? I've been taking precursers to seratonin since all this happened (5-htp and tryptophan) as my seratonin levels were wiped out after the initial blast. Are you saying this is a mistake? What did they do to you? Im not trying to feel the bliss anymore, do you think I'm doing the right thing? Or would taking these precursers only add to the fire per se? BTW, I think its interesting you mentioned you stay out of the sun, before all this happened, I had avoided the sun for about two years and was pale pale pale. My vitamin D levels were rlly low. Also for the longest time I couldnt eat meat as it made me sick. This caused my vitamin b12 levels to be low as well. I thought it was interesting some of the grounding techniques for Kundalini involve walking outside in the sun and eating meat. I wonder if these two things have anything to do with it. Since all this happened I've been getting lots of sun/taking vitamin D as well as B12 supplements and meat. I think it has helped me find reality again so to speak or maybe its all placebo. Also thanks for your honest description of your experiences, I can relate to alot of what your saying.
  6. Some Questions about Kundalini management for a newbie ; )

    Thanks so much for this pythagoreanfulllotus, It really helps me out alot.
  7. Some Questions about Kundalini management for a newbie ; )

    HAHA, thanks so much for your responses Simpleton. Yea. I guess, one of the main reasons I want to try and get this kundalini energy under control is that rewatching videos of Eckhart Tolle really freaks me out now. I used to watch some of his videos about two years ago and thought he was very endearing. I guess I still do, But now after experiencing this I know that he comes off that way because he is HIGH AS A KITE. : D .... The way he has to speak so slowly and pause to take in information, its because he is on cloud nine. I can't stand that blissful feeling. I don't do drugs or anything. I'm a deep thinker type and it kills me to be under the influence of anything. I'm not quite sure what happened to me (where I am in terms of chakra activation). One day I woke up with extreme pain in my back after some research narrowed it down to a kundalini awakening. (Ive always been drawn to the more homeopathic/natural medicine than traditional stuff as opposed to going to the doctor and getting meds) Everyone on the internet seemed to deem it as a gift so stupidly I sent the energy up into my head. Immedietaly I felt like my whole body was swimming in the same fluid that comes up when you vomit, and the bliss was seriously knocking my lights out. Its liek someone started pissing dopamine in all part of my body and wouldnt stop. (up to this point I had never done any sort of meditation or energy work let alone a pshycadellic drug, so it threw me into a pretty crazy mental breakdown) It took me about a month to get to where I am now. the energy is stuck in my heart, but it rises several times a little bit each day and then goes back down. I find not focusing on my body really helps. but the pain is getting hard to ignore. I know if I leave it sitting it'll burn out something. I know its a pretty strong current due to some of the electricity stuff goin on. : ( I do remember a crack that happened behind my nose, immediately after the initial pain of it, It felt like a vaccum was created and all the sudden my whole head was filled with this ocean of swirling stuff and my sinuses opened. Its liek everything was wet except my consiousness. Its like I was still there in my body but my body was being drowned. Everything except my consiouncess. Im not sure If my crown is open. I do know though that one night after I managed to get the energy out of my head I went outside and the wind was blowing on my hair, and i instantly could feel every single hair on my head... Do you think this could have maybe been a very small crown opening? Also after that I feel like there is a v shaped magnetic field around the top of my head. But Ive never sent any energy through it. Since all this has happened, My whole body smells sweet, if i put water on my teeth the electricity in my teeth change the water to this really sweet tasting liquid, and also my body seems to have stopped producing mucus. Also my eyes are really white and glassy and my complexion is really soft kind of like baby oil or something. I didnt experience any pain whatsoever when all of this first happened, (except for the painful pop behind my nose) In fact, it was the pleasure that sent me into the rabbit hole. But ever since Ive tried to stop it or bring it down ive been feeling lots of pressure and pain in several parts of my body. I guess what Im trying to fidn out is the ultimate end to this energy a blissed out cloud nine kind of thing? So many videos I see on youtube of people with kundalini seem to be a few dimensions away (like tolle for example). Is there not a way to turn it off so that you can function logically for a while? Also, I don't want to see or hear any spirits, colors, shapes, entities, etc. etc. Or be in a state to which my logical brain is muted. I've always been a very intuitive person but never really a spiritual or mystical person. All that stuff really freaks me out. I guess thats why I've been so desperate to get it out of my head. ; ( Ive managed to get it out of my head through force but now its burnign up my nervous system : ( (not sure if it is temprary damage or long term) (Im hoping its just temp) Anyways, Simpleton, Ive been trying to reread your post, do you have an awakening in which you cant go back? If so, how is daily life? Do you find yourself blissed out/super aware like tolle? Does something like the microcosmic orbit work for you? IF not, how have you coped? Is it kind of something you just have to go with?
  8. Some Questions about Kundalini management for a newbie ; )

    Oh, also would like to add, since this happened, Ive walked into rooms now and have blown out 5 lightbulbs, a stereo speaker, and my moms air conditioning unit. Pretty fascinating stuff. Is there maybe some sort of metal or rock or element that can absorb this energy? You know how they use lead to absorb radiation? Anyone know of something like this? Much love to all of you guys.
  9. Hey all you tao bums. I recently had a kundalini activation a few weeks ago. I didn't really know anything about it at all but I realize its been working its way through my body for the past two years after doing some research. I am pretty sure it is a full blown awakening as I completely lost my mind for a couple of days there afterwards and felt like my whole body was was swimming in a sea of dopamine and water. It made me really scared and naseaus : ( and also like Gravity had been taken away. Somehow I have managed to get it down to where the pressure is down in my neck. I am sure this is probably stupid because I know I've probably temporaroily burnt out some nerves (I was desperately trying to get all that stuff out of my head... I couldnt stand the feeling of being blissed out and also couldnt deal with not being able to think) My problem now is, my sense of smell comes and goes, its like the elcetricity is there but there is no water there to support the electricity (kind of like if you have a sensitive tooth). I was wondering, is there a remedy for getting my smell back without sending all that watery/fiery energy back into my head? Is there a more subtle way of restoring the balance of the energies? or is asking something liek this completely stupid? Also, it feels like the energy is constantly trying to come back up, everything below my neck feels like a vast/empty/light space, anything I can do to get these centers more grounded? Also, Is there a way to integrate kundalini into your life so your not always blissed out and in spiritual land? Ive done all the grounding methods such as walking, not panicking, eating heavier and meaty... I think this stuff has really helped me get it under control, Are there any other things I can do? Nice to meet all of you BTW = )