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  1. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    I just returned his PM to me. I do understand why he reacted as he did. No problem. I am here mostly to be challenged mentally. When I do post it will likely be for that purpose. Dot
  2. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    Thank you.
  3. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    What is an asterisks, asterisks, asterisks?
  4. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    I have no idea who Vmarco is.
  5. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    That's nice. So that gives you the right to be an ***?
  6. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    You have one really wierd sense of humour. What is a sheeple? The word does not exist. The hunting was referring to hunting for a topic to speak to. Food is referring to food for thought and discussion. Maybe I should just leave this forum if I am going to get these types of protests.
  7. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    I have been hiding in the shadows but have grown hungry. The hunt is on. Beware all you sheeple. Food is food. I will be looking for the weakest amongst you. Signed, The Cheetah
  8. eternal Tao? No way!

    Thanks for working on that with me. My main interests here are two-fold: that the English translation you end up with is smooth and grammatically correct and most important, the significance of Ziran (Tzu-jan) as you have translated it to "Self-fulfilling". (Sorry Cat, "self-igniting" just doesn't seem adequately descriptive.)
  9. Help me understand

    Good advice above. But don't get too hooked on the "living with Nature" part. You don't need to find a cave in some mountain somewhere to do this.
  10. eternal Tao? No way!

    Yes, "always" would be hard to justify in the "real" world. We all hit the bumps in the road. However, I think that it can fairly be said that Tao and Te are always self-fulfilling. Man? Different question.
  11. is time real does it exist?

    To try to define time is similar to trying to define Tao. Neither of these two are "things". In the case of time, it is a random measurement of the movement of one thing based on the position of another. No movement, no time. This can be called a "static condition". A "dynamic condition", on the other hand (was that the left or the right?), signifies movement and now we can define a time measurement. Be dynamic Y'all!!!
  12. "If an animal would suddenly get an ego"

    Interesting subject. Humans are animals. I watched a documentary last night and it seems a Mantis Shrimp has self-awareness but a Moray Eel does not. (In a mirror, the shrimp viewed itself and went on its merry way but the eel tried to kill the intruder.) There are many animals beside humans that have self-awareness. But yes, there are many things going on after self-awareness has been attained. These "things" will vary between species as well as between individuals.
  13. eternal Tao? No way!

    Yes, "independently" is a word that perhaps is improper. Perhaps back to "spontaneously" self-fulfilling"?
  14. Greetings

    No, they are the self-fulfilling type.
  15. Greetings

    I'm a guy, really. I was aware of that. But my Cheetahs have Dots.