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  1. Hello Fellow Lovers of the Tao

    That's very good ! Still, qi gong is not (only) about power. Don't focus on achieving power. From what I know this is "qigong phenomena" . It's not really important , and it may not necessarily mean anything . It's quite normal, try to control it so it won't disturb your practice. Don't focus on it. BTW, what is your practice ? Your goal ? And another thing, I think you should only work towards your goal , not do random technics . What are your trying to achieved gives you the master, school and then techniques. ie. : Enlightenment would be a good goal. just my 2 bani
  2. From the Taoist Pilgrim I understood this : the higher the internal peace and achievements, the higher the temptation. You know how you stand.
  3. My great realization

    Just because you know how the laws work doesn't make you a selfish person. Keep on ! I know a priest that received/helped people for 10-14 hours a day. I suspect he didn't sleep at all. But he still had 2 hours (2 am-4am ) for himself.
  4. Hi

    Well shamanu you'll find interesting things around here
  5. I also have pressure in 3rd eye, but it's not annoying / not that much energy . My suggestion is : use the inverse abdominal breathing to balance the energies in the head and in your lower abdoment . focus you attention on you lower abdoment for at least 5-10 minutes before finishing the meditation. hope this helps
  6. HI and my goals.

    Sorry I've been away for a while. I'm not sure what you understand by cultivation of sexual energy, but I THINK that you refer to sex without ejaculation. It's not quite as in the books. It's better to have a well balanced sex life , than to do something that can became a risk without (proper) guidance . And the sex chi is coming from qigong practice, if you practice regularly it's just fine.
  7. HI and my goals.

    Hi Priest and Welcome ! For that goal I would recommend "Walking qigong" . Simple and effective. Walk, eat, sleep well. 10 years ago I practiced Iron Shirt Qigong ( not the Mantak version ) , and I achived quite a good resistance . Before you start on that, make sure to document yourself on every aspect and from multiple sources. The Iron Short will increase resitance, you need to do Zhan Zhuang (horse stance for example) for kicking hard , and push-ups for punching hard . Maybe you contact an acupuncturer.? I guess the Mantak "wisdom qigong" helped me on this one, but you need to go to some workshop, it doesn't work from the book. as chinese saying : "The lies are transmitted from 1000 books, the thruth in a single word" . Just find someone to guide you.
  8. 34, qigong taoism student of David Verdesi, Wang Tinjung and currently Wang Li Ping . Wish you all a nice day !