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  1. Hi fellow forum members!

    I've been reading the posts on this forum for a while and decided to register. There seems to be quite a lot of very nice, humble and wise seekers around. Reading their posts has been a delight! My spiritual background is in protestant (Lutheran) Christianity. Although I've stopped believing intellectually in its teachings years ago it remains a part of me. I've practiced Ashtanga yoga a couple of years. It significantly affected my sexual capability and that combined with some of my earlier insights + Google led me to Mantak Chia's books. Which led me to having a Kundalini experience some 6 months ago. It felt strange, hilarious and a bit scary; very positive over all. I have no spiritual teacher although I think I'd like to have one. Maybe I'll come across someone when I'm ready. In the meantime I try to use my own experience as a yardstick along the way – as opposed to something I read from a book. I recently discovered/became somewhat aware that I have a huge ego which hides itself very carefully in a guise of humbleness. Looking forward to participate in the community!